Kiss Me, I'm Delicious

Sunday, March 22, 2009

UP has been known not only to educate the best of the best and produce excellent graduates (ahem ahem... hehehehehe) but go to their main campus in Diliman (I went to their campus at Manila) you'd find rare and excellent eats at affordable prices, and one of them I'll write about today.

I once ate at Chocolate Kiss in UP Diliman (it's located at the Bahay ng Alumni) and when I got the chance to eat there again when we picked a friend up, I knew what to order:

Beef Stroganoff!

I'm not much of a carnivore but this is one dish that makes me devour meat with gusto (and it's good with bread too)

Red pesto is another healthy alternative and it's relativly affordable. These two pasta dishes are worth less than 200 bucks.

Their bestselling order - Chicken Kiev is one of my friend's favorites as her usual order and this goes way back during her college years. :)

Yum yum yum yum yum yum yum!

I'm pretty much amused too with their bottomless iced tea, which uses real iced tea (as in the one you brew) and sweetened with syrup - they serve the pitcher in front of you.

Another thing I love about it is the excellent service. They're fast and they don't allow your gastric juices from eating up your intestines. Maybe it's the fast-paced lifestyle of the students who need to dash to their class and hail an IKOT jeep to the Math building or something but need a sweet treat before class.

Other stuff to try and I loved are their Fresh Tomato soup, which uses real tomatoes (I could still see the seeds and chunks so it's from the tree and not from the bottle) and their super moist and super yummy with light airy frosting devil's food cake.

Since it's located at a campus, their prices are pretty much affordable as compared with other fine-dining locations. Crowd is, well, basically students, faculty, visitors and alumni (like us. heehehee).

I swear, if ever I go back to UP Diliman again, I'll pass by here

And if Original Glaze Wasn't Enough

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Krispy Kremes has decided to up the amp by making their doughnuts more tempting than they already are:
Goodbye attempting to shrink my waist to say hello to CHOCOLATE GLAZED!
Chocolate Glaze+Sprinkles :D

and this:
A whole counter of chocolate delights! Thanks to Krispy Kremes factory store at MoA for allowing me to take pictures as i purchased my Chocolate Glaze.
YUMMM! You know what? I think I'll run to KK tomorrow before I go to work for another one. :)