Thesugarbug's Spiral Experience

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Spiral Restaurant at Sofitel Philippine Plaza Manila is known to have the widest array of food choices available to mankind. If you're a foodie lover who loves good food and lots of it, then this is a total indulgence for you.

The sugarbug on one Saturday was surprised with a lunch at Spiral and of course, being the food lover that I am could not contain my happiness. I've been wanting to dine there since forever and do reviews about it.
So there, we drove to Sofitel (formerly known as Westin Philippine Plaza). When we got there, here's what I saw first:

Well whadya know? A spiral staircase! I was told that that's why it's called Spiral, but uhmm... could it be coincidence too? Plus the staircase is a good place to walk off what you eat. By the way, if you look at the architecture of Spiral, you'd notice its similarity to CCP, PICC, and NAIA. The reason? The architect is all the same - Leandro Locsin, so notice the ceiling, the columns, and everything would remind you of the airport.
From French, Japanese, Italian, Chinese, Korean, Filipino, Indian, and a truckload of desserts, Spiral had it all... it was impossible for me to try every single dish, so I tried a selection of dishes. As I learned, I opted for water as my staple drink and to forego rice (although I had a little bit of paella, which I could not resist)

An ice mountain of crabs, shrimps, and oysters.

Hey dork, you pry the meat from the shell!
I could not resist the sushi, which they served fresh and slice in front of you. The salads were crisp and fresh. I indulged on crabs and shrimps and the grillery, which they gave me a choice of lamb, fish, poultry, or tiger prawns. I opted for grilled salmon head, which they grilled into melt-in-the-mouth flaky goodness.

They also had a pasta bar where you could customize your own pasta from their choices of sauces and fillings. Here's my take on tomato-base pasta with sundried tomatoes, olives, mushrooms, and capers (dang I forgot to add shrimp!)

After my round of dimsum and grill, I took a rest from eating and ordered a cup of tea. Then, the server approached us and asked us if we would like anything because the buffet would close by 2:30. Thesugarbug just had to run and get her most favorite part of all - DESSERT!

Desserts were cuplets of various cakes and pastries including tiramisu, chocolate creme brullee, christmas pudding, freshly-baked chocolate chip cookies, candies, fruits, and the highlight of my day were two chocolate fountains, one white and one milk, both I didn't skip and I dipped 2 marshmallow skewers and a mango slice each.
Plus I made my own sundae:

Chocolate droplets on strawberry ice cream (made from scratch!) with a PINK marshmallow, and red and white gummy bears.

Feature beauty: Strawberry Panna Cotta with champagne jelly. Of course the magic word "champagne" made me grab the treat. I love the balance of the sweet-tart of the strawberry with the flavor of champagne. Very sexy!

The almost-two hour meal was capped off with another round of tea and 10 minutes of rest since both our tummies were distended from eating. But sure, it was definitely worth it! So much fun and so much food. Plus... guess who I saw?

Stanley Ong and his adorable baby girl, Naima!
I recommend Spiral for food lovers and who would want to indulge once in a while. It's definitely a mind-boggling gastronomical experience you would surely enjoy. I recommend too, not to miss out the chocolate fountain! :) Yumm yumm yumm!

Yum Yum At Bistro Filipino

Friday, December 12, 2008

At the 7,100 Tastes event at Bistro Filipino, I had the pleasure of dining in style fusion Filipino food. That means... our own native Pinoy food gets a sossy twist:

Take my appetizer of a spicy sisig basket with a shot of quail egg:

And these shots of soup to warm my tummy

From L to R:
Adobo Shiitake Mushroom Puree Topped with Creamy Garlic Foam Drizzled with White Truffle Oil
Oven Roasted Pumpkin and Eggplant Pure Garnishes with Crispy Okra (that wasn't grossly textured..take note!), and a Dollop of Shrimp Paste Cream
Beef Consomme Garnished with Fresh Corn, Carrots, and Potato Croquette Stuffed with Beef and Cabbage

My personal favorite is the adobo shiitake mushroom puree, having that interesting meat taste and it not being too heavy. The pumpkin and eggplant soup had a similar taste to pakbet. The shrimp paste (bagoong in our native terms) is actually made from scratch and they don't get the prebottled ones. They make it fresh using the freshest alamang they find in the market.

For my dose of salad veggies I had Mesclun Salad Tossed in Dijon Shrimp Paste Vinaigrette topped with Dried, Green, and Ripe Mangoes, Tomatoes, and Cashew Crusted Kesong Puti

Mangoes go well with bagoong, which they incorporated to the vinaigrette, which was quite spicy. I asked what gave its spicy flavor, and according to Chef Laudico, this was due to the Dijon mustard. The kesong puti was very firm and the nutty flavor made it more interesting.

Just as we were about to be served the main course, we were given an Intermezzo course, which was supposed to prepare us for the main course by cleansing the palate. Here we had a shot of Tamarind Granite, which was good ol' sampaloc juice frozen and thawed to a slushy consistency that is quite refreshing. Think sampaloc juice without the sugar. Just one shot.

We had two main courses (wheee!) The seafood course was one that I enjoyed, which was Lapu-lapu and prawns in coco-lambanog sauce, coriander, asparagus, and fennel cherry tomato sofrito brown rice with sun-dried mangoes served warm on a warm plate. The fish was flaky and practically melted in the mouth. I love how the shrimp had already been pre-peeled to avoid any wa-poise hipon-peeling incidents.

The meat course was Crusted Wagyu Beef Filled Cashew-Humba Sauce with vegetable barbecue (cookied in the way Inasal cooks used to do it) and sweet potato mash. The beef was cooked to medium doneness but it could be requested to be cooked according to your liking.

To prepare us for the dessert of mango canonigo (a dessert similar to brazo de mercedes,which was egg white + caramel and mangoes) and pili sansrival, we were given a cheese course, with a sweet-salty flavor to prep us up. THe kesong puti was firm enough not to crumble to pieces, something I'm quite particular about

Finally dessert! And for wine, I chose mango wine, which was sweet with a bit of kick. YummM!1!!

Yum Yum Yum!

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Once upon a time, I was in Ayala Avenue quite early for a meeting so I went for a Krispy kreme Breakfast!

Krispy Kreme Original Glazed+Whipped Cream + Fruit Bowl
Php 120.00 available only at Krispy Kremes Ayala
Yum Yum Yum! The donut and whipped cream is sinful but the fruit balanced it out. Me Love Much! How is it if it's to go? I like it better dine-in, the atmosphere is really good, not too crowded, not too cold. My only complaint is that they dont have a red light :(.

T'is The Season At Krispy Kremes

Friday, November 21, 2008

Krispy Kremes is up for the Holidays and it's not just because of their decor and cheery atmosphere....

Little Drummer Boy Drumroll please....
The Snowman Donuts are in town!
I just had one today @ Krispy Kremes Ayala along with my regular New York Cheesecake, which I always buy whenever I see a Krispy Kreme! Yum Yum Yum! And don't you think they look way better than fruitcake?

Empire Macarons

Thursday, November 20, 2008

@ Rockwell last Saturday on my way to Rustan's grocery for a bit of errand-shopping, I spotted a row of bake sales with free samples so naturally, thesugarbug eyed the foodies and sampled the samples. :-) Among them, a colorful display caught my eye and after much deliberation, I bought some macarons from the Empire booth

shown here: mocha (spackled), strawberry (red), and pistachio (green)

A macaron actually

"is a traditional French pastry, made of egg whites, almond powder, icing sugar, and sugar."
[Text credits]

We see them in familiar coffee shops and I'm just glad a lot are making macarons nowadays. The price can get pretty steep at Php30.00 for a piece due to the difficulty in making them. As traditional macarons were sweet, dry, and crunchy, like your regular biscotti, this macaron and all other macarons are crunch and crisp on the outside but chewy inside intermixing with the icing/cream filling in between the two cookies. It's actually spelled macaron instead of macaroon, which is a totally different pastry (a dense cookie made out of coconut), and these two should never be interchanged

Although Empire participated in Rockwell, they can also be seen at the Saturday Salcedo market. They also pack macarons per dozen or for 10 pieces, which could be given as gifts. Aside from the regular flavors of chocolate, white chocolate, cookies and cream, lemon, strawberry, pistachio, classic (probably a vanilla flavor), mocha, chocolate peanut butter, cherry, and blueberry, they make premium flavors of caramel-pecan, rose ganache, triple chocolate, blueberry cheesecake, Irish creme, and Hazelnut Ganache (Php 35.00 per piece or Php400.00 per dozen).

They also make cheesecake balls which can be a quick sugar treat or a pasalubong for kids or a gift for your boss or a special friend who loves cheesecake. I'm a fan of the strawberry chocolate cheesecake ball, which is not too rich but they've got that chocolate.

I recommend the lemon flavor, which doesn't taste very tart and this is a perfect meal-ender. Not to mention the yellow color looks cute. Other favorites are strawberry, mocha, pistachio, and blueberry, which together look pretty good in a gift box.

To order and for more information, contact Empire at (02)4671995 and (0917)8861190.

My Big Fat Ensaymada Love

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Remember when I attended the Diamond Club Dessert Buffet? I got introduced to the mini-version of their best-selling Ensaymada. Carlos Celdran highly recommends this pastry and since the mini-version was not enough and I haven't reviewed it yet, I craved for the Ensaymada and wanted to experience it in full.

Php100.00 (Ube Ensaymada) at the Cake Club at the Powerplant Mall

It got to my table heated with the cheese and butter-sugar frosting melting. It's actually served better warm. I like the ube filling and for someone who does not eat root crops or legumes... that's plus plus plus! I had to hover to all corners of the ensaymada with ube.

With the sweet and creaminess, it's best served with tea or just water. The frosting and cheese happens to be my favorite part (literally icing on the cake), I scraped through the plate to get through the cheese part.

Yum yum? Sure is! There's also an original variety but for the same price, I went for something with more flavor and this did not disappoint me. Remember, if you're gonna take this home, it's best served heated.

Tis The Season for The Starbucks Planner

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Coffee Lovers I bet are trooping to Starbucks right now and whenever I walk in the mall or at the Makati Central Business District, I spot a red cup in like 2 out of 5 people. At first I didn't want to get a planner for myself but when I saw that they issued a RED variant, well, thesugarbug is also in the planner race!

Anyway, this year, sticker collectors would be collecting 16 stickers - 8 holiday drinks, and 8 regular drinks (except for juices or bottled water or tetrapack drinks). It's easier this year than the previous year's yet a strict no-card, no sticker policy is implemented. Here, we could choose 3 planners - one black (classic), blue, or red. These are hardbound and they all come with a slim pen. :)

For this year's holiday drinks, Starbucks reprises last year's Toffee Nut Latte and Praline Mocha. Both give out the sweetness with that kick of caffeine to jumpstart the day. I prefer toffee nut latte's buttery sweet taste as I find praline mocha too sweet for my taste.

The sad news is last year's Peppermint Mocha, which had been Holiday drink staple for as long as I can remember has been replaced. This was sad for me as it's been a favorite drink of mine, hot, iced, or Frappucinno. For those who misses the mellow bitterness, the replacement is Dark Cherry Mocha, which has that bitterness with a little fruity flavor. My verdict when I tried it yesterday: Not bad. It actually reminded me of black forest cake. In my opinion, the bitterness would taste better hot with no cream so as not to mask the flavor, but that's just me.
Starbucks also aside from the traditional drinks adds the Gingerbread cookies and peppermint brownies in their roster of pastries. I was already able to spot the pretty gingerbread cookies, which makes excellent pasalubong or an in-between work muncher. The peppermint brownie looks like a hit as it's been fast-selling in almost every Starbucks I see. I haven't tried the peppermint brownie yet but maybe I will soon!
Anyone get their planners yet? How'd you find it?

Thesugarbug recommends: Razon's Halo-Halo

Me like Razon's Halo-halo not only because it's their bestseller but because of the following reasons:

1. The milk - creamy yet it didn't hurt my tummy. I love the sweetness and creaminess. It's rich but not too much
2. The ice - crushed finely. I don't get 1-cm diameter chunks that i have to chew on
3. Value for money - One Php 60.00 serving is good enough for two. I can't finish one, so we have it split. :)
4. The leche flan is to-die-for... creamy but not too sweet. It practically melts in the mouth. I could eat it just that.
5. It does not contain beans, monggo, garbanzos, or any legume. Yet, despite that it contains just saba, macapuno, nata de coco, and their leche flan, the overall taste is never, ever sacrificed.

Tip: Best shared and not taken everyday. My favorite Razon's is the one in Greenbelt here in the Metro. Also, try Razon's sisig with rice! Yummy! It's best served hot as it can get too greasy if it's too cold. I prefer eating the sisig with plain rice.

Weekender Italian Buffet At Fromaggio

Monday, November 10, 2008

Php145 pesos for an all-you can eat pizza-pasta buffet! Everytime I go home, I pass by a quaint little Italian Restaurant tucked here in Las Pinas.
Fromaggio (located near Chinabank Las Pinas Manuela Branch) has been around but it was only lately that I was able to try it. I love its affordability and how their pizzas are not bloatingly oily and the at-home atmosphere. When I saw them advertise their all-you-can-eat Sunday buffet for Php145.00 --> of course I'd try it.
So this Sunday, I hurried from Makati to Las Pinas. The place was stuffed we were lucky to squeeze in a small area. Nevertheless, we were attended well and the attendants even answered our questions about the food and the ingredients (perfect if you're allergic to seafood).

The buffet table had 3 kinds of pasta, 3 kinds of sauces, and 3 kinds of pizza, but we could go back as many times as we wanted provided we don't have any leftovers.
Oh... the food...

Angel hair, fetucinne, and spaghetti for the sauces. Pomodoro, Carbonara, and Bolognese for the sauce. Pizza had tomato-garlic (which i love), pepperoni, and margherita. The buffet table didn't have much choices as you would expect, but at least they picked it right, as these are familiar ones, rather than the foreign-sounding ones that could intimidate others who are not used to adventure

I've decided to venture on pasta-fest, and just take a slice of cheese and garlic pizza.
The sauces didn't dissapoint me although I was hoping they'd heat it up a bit as it was a bit colder. I like the fact that carbonara wasn't too heavy on my stomach and the cheese and garlic pizza wasn't too bloating.

Authenticity-wise, I like the taste since it wasn't the sweet-style spaghetti (even the bolognese). The cheese-and-garlic pizza even had a surprise of basil in it, which I found interesting and it masked the richness a bit. The taste of pomodoro won me though, enough to buy me two rounds of pasta.
Will I have this? Well not every Sunday since I don't want to pack on more pounds... maybe on occasion. :) Price-wise, I love it, the bill did not reach 500 pesos and that's buffet+bottomless iced tea for two. :)

How Thesugarbug Spent Her Halloween

Monday, November 3, 2008

Met up with my good friends Jovy and Yeoh and after walking from Makati Med to Paseo Center to Insular Life for a good lunch at Jollibee guess where we went to for dessert?

which, we walked!

Just in time for Halloween, the place was decorated with orange and black balloons plus their Halloween donuts were there. Also, since most of Makati's population were crunched back at their cubicles, we had the place very much to ourselves!

That's us with our donuts! Yep... it's fun being a kid once again, paper hats and all.

Since it was Halloween, kids were there in costumes and all to go trick-0r-treating. It was cute seeing these kids in their costumes go around getting badges, loot bags, and a free donut. I spotted fairies, little gouhls, angels, animals, disney princesses, and a little Mickey Mouse caught our eye with his big brother dressing up as Green Arrow and Big Sister as Cleopatra, with cat's eyes.

The kids even went to our table to introduce themselves and describe their costumes.

After which, we went to Glorietta to check out stuff and saw more children in costumes, even babies in carriages were not spared... they were dolled up one way or the other, which I found amusing.
I'm glad Halloween is picking up here in Manila. A few decades ago, trick or treating wasn't just the thing and I found out about trick or treating only when I was in third grade and only one village had trick-or-treating. Now it's in malls, whether SM or Ayala Mall, and restos give halloween promos.
Now if only grownups can still be in costume... :) Prolly next year? :)

Thesugarbug Gets Earth-Friendly

Friday, October 31, 2008

Yep! It's more than just food, it's all about Earth-awareness.

Here's a tip I learned from a magazine:

Whenever we buy a small item, usually from a convenience store, say candy or bottled drink, the attendant usually puts the purchase in a small plastic bag, which actually, we don't use anyway and end up throwing. The thing I do is, I politely refuse it to be placed inside a plastic bag and just ask for a receipt. I do ask for a plastic bag when I have a lot of items to purchase.

Also, supermarkets promote canvas bags and provide incentives if the customer purchases a canvas bag and uses it to carry their groceries, like Rustan's and SM, where they multiply your frequent shopper's points. The bag costs around Php100.00 and it's pretty strong. It could even hold canned goods.

Of course, there's the usual ways of saving energy like turning the water/lights off after use and recycling trash. Also, whenever you go out to have your cup of coffee, try bringing your spillproof mug (you get to save money too!)

Any environment-friendly tips to share?

Bona Freshly Baked

Monday, October 20, 2008

One thing I love about BoNa is how their pastries are not premixed but always freshly baked... just like how we love them...

take a look at this chocolate chip oatmeal cookie. I passed by BoNa on my way to a client and I saw that they were baking cookies so i got one. The thing is, it was freshly baked and one cookie is not enough. I think I need a couple more.

Oh, and these are nonfat cookies.

Who says we cant have our cake and eat it too?

A Beach Vacay Idea

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Whenever you're out going for a vacation, if you want hassle-less meals, head over to Monterey or SM for pre-marinated meats that you can buy per kilo at an affordable price. Then, all you have to do is fry/grill/ 'em up. No need to bring additional bottles of sauces that could spill!

I was chatting with my friend and he was asking me what else would we bring for food for our beach shoot/trip. My mind immediately shot up suggesting "SPAGHETTI!" but when i found out how hassle it could be, remembered during one out-of-town trip where we were served pre-marinated barbecue and it turned out good. So i suggested to go to Monterey and buy pre-mixed meats that we can just cook in our destination

That's barbecue and korean beef plus rice. It was served with a siding of tomatoes, onions, and salted egg (not shown). It took I think less than 30 minutes to prepare or prolly a little more. But still, it does give you more time to have fun in the sun 'no? :)

Cotton Candy Love

Sunday, October 12, 2008

At Festival Mall, I always pass by this cotton candy stall that sells different flavored cotton candy and I got

Strawberry Daiquri

for just 30 bucks!

I've always loved cotton candy even as a kid then as a grownup. until now i go crazy for them, esp if they're in different flavors. :)

see me go crazy!

yumyum choco


I love cotton candy! Cotton candy makes me feel like a kid again!

Who Wants Reese's and Krispy Kremes?

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Looking at this announcements makes me wanna go to MoA today, where my favorite KK store is, or High Street :D

Yummm! Okay! I know I have 2 shoots lined up this month. To the photographers, as I know you hate the liquefy tool, I promise not to balloon and bloat up much. :P

My Carboload at MoA

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Hey all! To load me up on my photoshoot week, I've loaded up on these babies:

White hat yogurt. I tried three toppings and whaddya know, they've got additional toppings. I wanted strawberry, peach, and cheesecake but I really missed pumpkin pie so when i saw pumpkin pie I was like... I can have cheesecake any day but never pumpkin pie!

Then i passed by Krispy Kremes and seeing that the red light was on, indulged on donuts...

I bought also some coffee and had some donuts too. :)

Since it was already a whole load of carbs, I went on high protein and uber light. :D

Jatujak Tom Yum Soup. :) Warms my tummy and it's a bit spicy!
Anyone care to share their week-starter food trippings?

A COOL Treat: Cold Rock Express in Alabang Town Center

Monday, September 22, 2008

I have not been to ATC a long, long time I guess. When I did yesterday, I went all giddy and hyper when I saw this at the Activity Center:

Finally! There's Cold Rock here in the South. No longer do I have to go all the way to GB3 when I'm craving for DIY ice cream.

fter a carb-loaded lunch at Brookyn Pizza, we proceded to Cold Rock for my long-awaited treat.

Carbs again but it's a Sunday, and I'm in for a treat!

The rainbow of ice cream flavors is very welcoming. I had a hard time choosing. One of my favorite staples is choco mint ice cream but I wanted something different.

Choosing toppings was harder too... cookie dough? too heavy. gummy bears? yumm but naaah. Pound cake? Marshmallows? Cold Rock sprinkles? Strawberries? Gooseberries? Omigod, I can't make up my mind

So we settled for a Kiddie Cup of our choice of one ice cream plus 2 fillings (Php 165, but good enough for 2 people)

ferrero ice cream + choco mallows + fudge brownies

So they mix it in this stone slab that's regulated up to a cold temperature (you can see "frosts" forming that they clear out each time they have to mix ice cream and fillings). Ohhh... so that's how the name "Cold Rock" came to be. The kiosk setup is just hard to manage when there's a large crowd (expect that with families and barkadas). However, the crew, despite that it was a Sunday and there were 3 families and a couple ahead of us... they managed to deliver quite well all permutations of ice cream flavors.

Here you go yum yum yum!

Super compact ice cream. Nothing extended or fake. Plus each time I get to visit Cold Rock, I get to have a new experience each time. I can create my own flavors and get all crazy with the toppings or try a different ice cream flavor. I hardly even look at the suggested combos because I always like making my own.

For those in the South who want to know where the Cold Rock Express kiosk is, it's located in the Activity Center near California Pizza Kitchen and the kiddie carousel.

Pampered by the Richmonde Hotel

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Got to spend the night at the presidential suite at the Richmonde Hotel for work. Not only did we just stay there but, but we also got to dine (breakfast and diner) at the Richmonde Grill.

Dinner: Shrimp Tagliatelle. Yummmm!

Cream pesto sauce with fresh shrimp. Yummm!!!!!!! It was a bit heavy though, but it filled me and prepped me for work quite nicely.

Despite my pre-sunrise snack of Tortillos and milk tea, I, along with the crew still had buffet breakfast at the same place:

Just a warm-up.... not to worry...

Braised veggies with tofu, wheat bread, and assorted cheeses.

Not in picture and in my tummy: tapsilog, sapin-sapin, fresh fruits, french toast, and cereal.

The Richmonde Grill crew was also prompt and alert. They went to each table assisting each customer. There was a waiter with a pitcher of coffee and tea. After I refused coffee and asked for tea instead, he poured the warm tea on my teacup. I requested for nonfat milk. They had creamer. I was okay with that. Seconds later, they haded our table a saucer with packets of creamer. Very very efficient! They're always there on call when you need them, and they're even there to assist you when you have no idea what the foods are.

Whaddya know, when we got up, we had complementary snacks, sandwiches, fries, and iced tea/coffee to nourish us as we went by working in our photoshoot.

View from the window as the sun starts to rise:

Thanks to the crew for choosing The Richmonde Hotel as our place of stay!

Thesugarbug loves Lipton Milk Tea to Give Her Energy

Friday, September 19, 2008

I like the title 'coz it rhymes. Heee!

A few months ago, before this blog came to be, I, along with a few other bloggers, were fortunate enough to attend a Lipton and Body Shop Blogger's event where we were pampered not with yummy Bizu munchies, given our favorite Body Shop freebies, but also, we got a taste of Lipton Milk Tea. I was already a fan of milk tea even before I started doing makeup professionally. This is one of the food discoveries I've had during our food trips back during the day when I used to work. It's actually been around for quite a while and here it is for me to share in my food blog.

I present to you, Lipton Milk Tea.

Wth healthy lifestyle being the "in" thing today, it's really nice to know that new varieties of healthy drinks are coming up. For me, it's a good way of promoting health without the preachy aspect. Remember how some of us get traumatized when we were "forced" to eat vegetables? You know what I mean. Plus look at the main color - YELLOW! Definitely very inviting, very cheery, very sunny, very summery. In fact, the color of the day during the event was YELLOW! It's like the tea cups were saying "Drink me! I'm healthy! I make you pretty and happy!" In a sweet fairy godmother tone.

Actually, I'm a tea lover now that I'm embracing a healthy, zen lifestyle to balance my on-the-go high energy and entrophy side. For one thing, tea has a way of calming me down especially after a long day. Remember in the spas we're served teas after a massage? It sort of seals everything in and relaxes the body more. After a heavy and fatty meal, I always like a cup of tea to help calm down my tummy especially since I do have a history of hyperacidity. I love tea after a yoga session. When I'm sick, a nice hot cup of ginger or peppermint tea helps me feel better.

What I like about tea is that it has this way of making me feel good while giving me that energy jolt I need for that extra stretch of work. Actually, the dorky side of it explaining that is tea actually has a naturally-occuring amino acid called theanine, which naturally stimulates activity in the brain called alpha waves resulting in a relaxed but alert mental state. So when there's work to be done, I can do it with a calm mindset rather than all jittery and jumpy. It's like getting the job done while being calm and focused. Imagine finishing a deadline all nerves and shackles. Haggard 'no 'te?

Summing it up here's a perfect equation:

Milk + Tea = Refreshingly good!

I mean when I tasted it first, it's got that kick a tea has, that bitter herbal taste but there's the mellowness and creamy-sweet taste of milk. Lipton milk tea tastes also like real, brewed milk tea from scratch - not artificial or medicine-like. I can even take this on an empty stomach. Say, I need something to warm me up before a crack-of-dawn shoot. I might pack this since I have an overnight shoot! (Mental note: Run to the grocery and get yourself a box of Lipton Milk Tea).

I actually prefer this hot, since I like the warmth it gives on my stomach. When it's a hot day, serving it cold (with ice!) could be a good choice. I can even take a packet with me along with a heatproof mug and make one before I start doing makeup or on-the-go.

Take a look at this picture:

The sugar bug definitely loves her Lipton Milk tea up to the point that she would have drank the cup clean down to the subatomic particles of Lipton Milk Tea had she been gifted with a proboscis.

A Light Roasted Dinner

On my plate last Wednesday Night.

Since I was already stuffed coming from an event, I wanted something light so we ordered a roast platter and I had a jellyfish salad too

Love the Roast! Our table got this to share....

and my jellyfish salad

I don't really eat century egg but I wolfed down the Jellyfish salad. It was disaapointing though, when I saw that it only had a little on the plate. Presentation wise, not bad. But I was bitin. I like the taste though. Jellyfish actually has this interesting taste that I like

The platter was a feast as well. Since it was one of Good Earth Roast specialties, it was cooked to perfection. The ginger and chili sauce go well with the cuts. A definite must on my plate next time I go there.

Anyone care to share their light dinners?