Lunchtime at Sam Won Korean Barbecue

Sunday, December 13, 2009

That one long strip of Aguirre Avenue at BF Homes in Paranaque is one of the reasons why this little duckie does not want to leave the South area. Along that strip are quaint restaurants of every cuisine and creativity. You know, you're driving or walking there and then this little house-revamped-into-a-restaurant just beckons at you and you think, "Hey, lemme try this!" and so you go.

My family has been there before, and it's my first time to try this having been free this Sunday. It's quite easy to miss out these restaurants and so I took a picture of the exterior too. To get here, just take Aguirre and drive out. If you're coming from El Grande side, it would be on the left. If you're coming from President's Avenue, It's on your right.
That wooden door makes you think it used to be a house with the sign smacked right on the roof. Going in, you see this set-up.

I'll tell you what the exhausts are for later. The place had Korean clientele, implying that we're about to get authentic Korean cuisine and nothing commercialized or "substituted". Our table was set, down to the chopsticks. Korean chopsticks are different from the chopsticks we use in hotels or restos. These were thinner, heavier, and made of stainless steel. If you're not used to their chopsticks, the ol' wooden chopsticks are also available. Now after we ordered, we were greeted by a round of appetizers (which are included by the way if you order there). By appetizers I don't mean like little bread sticks or chips, I'm talking these:

Variety of appetizers including the famous kimchi. OMIGOD OMIGOD OMIGOD OMIGOD on the kimchi. Something you have to try. Okay, the round of appetizers are not bottomless, but since we wanted more of the kimchi, we ordered a second round of the kimchi (first round is free, of course, provided you order food). It wasn't too spicy and I was even eating it alone. Aside from these, we were also given cabbage slaw each.
Now okay, so what are the exhausts for? It's for the Korean barbecue. right in front of you is this device that looks like something out of a hot pot restaurant. You order your choice of Korean barbecue (beef, chicken, or pork belly). They bring it out to you, marinated but raw first because the meat would be cooked in front of you, not in oily fat but in live coals. Live coals are placed there on the grillery and an attendant grills the meat for you and even puts the meat on your plate.

The exhaust is for the smoke to go out and not on you so you get to enjoy your meal sans smoke blowing on your face or melting makeup. Oh, and they change the grilling plate if there's too much stuff sticking on the plate already and keep the coals live and fiery hot. I actually found out the right way of eating Korean barbecue. You dip it in the salt dipping sauce, put it on a piece of lettuce, then add slices of garlic and the paste and eat up. But for me, I figured the best way I enjoyed my meat was alone or with Jap Chae.

The Jap Chae is also a must-try and a steal at Php150.00 (AND THAT's a LOT! That's just my tiny plate right there where I got some Jap Chae and a slice of beef barbecue). The sticky rice is at 70 bucks per bowl, but I suggest just ordering the Jap Chae as the carb chaser.

The meal was capped off with complimentary dessert. I told you this resto knows how to pamper their clientele. Again, just like the appetizer, this is just one round.

Price ranges are about 200-500 for an order, and one order is already good for sharing. Expect to spend approximately Php500 per head if you wanna be super full. Happy Sunday!

Oh, and do try the Kimchi.

Night Out With Blogger Friends at Vin 55 Restaurant

Thursday, December 10, 2009

After our shoot, Mike and I packed our gears and drove out to Manila, Manila meaning Manila, heart of NCR, old Manila, where roads are still one-way but it's hella scary to walk as you whip out your phone. We first passed by The Hub to say hello to our friend Ivan before heading out to Kalaw since Mike would be having another food photography session. We also invited a few of our blogger friends to taste the food he'll be shooting. So basically, it was a very relaxed and fun night for all of us.

The venue was Vin 55 Restaurant, a little restaurant located at T.M. Kalaw Avenue. To go there, from Roxas Blvd, you take a left to T.M. Kalaw going towards Manila Ocean Park. When you see Little Lamb Hot Pot, the resto is located right beside it. If you have razor-sharp eyesight like I do, you'd spot a wooden door with Vin 55 carved at the wooden sign beside it. Parking is relatively easy. Mike was able to find a parking right in front and the staff immediately came to our aid to help with his equipment.

Being the O.C. girl that I am, I sent SMS messages to Arpee and Marcelle on detailed instructions how to get there. With the holiday traffic at Makati, Chef Jonas said that Buendia would be a better route than EDSA, which I told Arpee to take as soon as he got off work.

To start off, we were given their bestselling appetizers, which as soon as they were shot, were served to us.
This came first: Crispy Adobo Belly. Marcelle and I were given a sneak peek inside the kitchen on how it was prepared: the adobo is already pre-cooked, then they slice it for you, after which they deep fry it. The dipping sauce is actually the sauce of the adobo that they simmered and cooked for a very intense flavor. The adobo was soft and melt-in-the-mouth and it went well with the sauce. By the time Arpee and Annie came, Marcelle, Mike, and I had already wolfed it down, but they were able to grab seconds. This dish was the dish Arpee immediately loved.

I swear, this is one MUST-TRY! This is a great pulutan that would go for after-dinner drinks. Or what the heck, have this is an appetizer if you don't drink.

I'm a seafood lover so what I did when this dish was served to us was squeeze the lemon wedges, mix, and fight for the shrimp and squid. Seafood Aglio Olio looked mighty appetizing plus it tastes fresh. The shrimp had the right texture I want, and look, no need to peel . Just spear with a fork and enjoy.

Crostini baked fresh from scratch everyday served with fried mozzarella. Mozarella here was fried in a very hot nonstick pan and served with marinara sauce. Best served really hot while the cheese is still soft. But when it's cooled down, just use a fork and eat the mozarella on its own. Among the dishes served for the main dish, this was an interesting favorite: Grilled Tenderloin Steak with Vanilla Butter. Yes, you read that right. Vanilla Butter. Alone, the butter tastes like warm vanilla ice cream and it adds a sweetness to the meat. And omigod the meat's cooked medium, so it's soft when sliced so I didn't have to wrestle with the knife and fork. Wine was also served, and the menu would suggest what perfect wine or drink goes with each dish. By the way, servings are quite huge so this dish is good for 2-3 people. If you want good ol' hotdog and mustard, a sosyal take would be Pork Tenderloin with Mustard-Caper Sauce. I like the tartness of mustard and capers and the pasta and grilled vegetables served with this was just divine.

When the pasta was served to us (we were given 4 pastas: Pasta Aglio Olio and Shrimps, Pasta Puttanesca, Pasta Pesto, and Carbonara), we didn't know which one to start off first, as they all looked delicious. We loved everything served to us, but one interesting highlight was carbonara.

I was at first hesitant to try carbonara, since I'm very sensitive to creamy dishes, and since I've eaten a lot (and drunk a lot too, hahahah), I thought I could let this pass. But here's the thing, this carbonara - wait for it - had no cream. AT ALL! Imagine my surprise. Isn't cream one basic ingredient of carbonara? Turns out this carbonara was cooked the traditional way consisting of bacon, garlic, parmesan, olive oil, and egg. See? No cream!

But when I tasted it, it tasted like the creamy carbonara. This has got to be the best-ever carbonara pasta I have tasted in all my years of existence!

Other must-tries are the thin-crust pizzas, which are good for one. The seafood pizza totally did not scrimp out on fresh seafood toppings and became a favorite.

Oh, I also mentioned that this is also a bar. Since I'm more of a cocktail girl, I was recommended to try The Perfect Mojito, which was perfect for me. When I tried it, guess what? I was able to finish it in 10 minutes flat. the mojito was smooth, sweet, and just the way I like it. I like cocktails that do not taste that much like alcohol. By the way, their beers are served below zero, so a bottle of beer was brought to the table, with frosts and all. It was my first time to try below zero beer. I'm not a beer drinker (I'm more of a wine and cocktail girl, wine being my main vice) but I actually enjoyed a below-zero beer served straight from the bottle. Cocktails are a must-try, and I highly recommend the mojito. Yes really, I do.

Ambiance of the restaurant is actually very relaxed. I was able to have a decent conversation with these guys way past 10 p.m. without us shouting. Going out to the sea breeze helps too, and it's a restaurant I would recommend to friends who want fine dining in the heart of Manila. Prices are very affordable, around 200-350 per meal. The steak costs like Php 247.00 and you could split it with a friend.

After chatting and catching up, it was time to call it a night as the guys still had work the following day. It sure was a great night - good food and good company.

(Photo Credits: Michael Yu of Mantra Photography. Food shot on location at Vin 55 Restautant)

Fun, Chika, and Healthy Yogurt with My Friends at Red Mango

Thursday, December 3, 2009

I was feeling quite pissed one Saturday since another client flaked out on me (gawd, don't you just hate it when that happens?). Anyway, so taking solace in food, I remembered that two of my dearest friends Bugsy and Jho were meeting up in Greenbelt, so I made habol to meet them. From pigging out in two platefuls of green chicken curry, I dashed off to Greenbelt after their movie. Anyway, guess where we had dessert? Red Mango.

It was really great catching up since I rarely see these people as Bugsy's been busy with school. And why Red Mango well.... this is why:

Jho happens to be the endorser of the place so full support! Actually, I happen to already love frozen yogurt before the craze started. For one thing, I'm lactose intolerant, but I need the calcium and probiotics and I want something healthy than something that would put more inches in my thighs. EEEK!

Anyhow, here's Bugsy and Jho before I came. I was dashing there in get-the-hell-out-of-my-way speed as it was a Saturday night.

I guess they were bored. Hahaha but once I was there it was nonstop chika, bashing, and catching up. Although they were done with their yogurt, I wolfed down my green tea yogurt with mochi, dark chocolate chips, and blueberries.

I know I've been getting skinnier now, my food blog being less active lately since I food trip less due to work and duties. I actually prefer the green tea variety of yogurt as it's less tart than the plain one. I chose sweet toppings so they compensate the little tart it has. Honey is another healthy option that I recommend but I already had chocolate here so better there.

A picture too with the endorser. Can't you tell that my friends and I love pictures even at our pigging-out moments?

I actually like the branch here at Greenbelt since its location makes it less crowded on weekdays. I'm usually my "hanging out" mode in the mall on weekdays as I don't like a heavy crowd. It's kinda out of the way though, and guess what? It's near Chimara, so there's more urge to eat healthy. Hehehehe.

After I ate, Jho had to go since she had a dinner to go to. We bade her goodbye then Bugsy and I did a lot of catching up (I haven't seen him since our bridal shoot) and I ate a sackful of fries before we had to part.

I guess I was no longer pissed that day, seeing my friends even for only a short time.

Lookie Lookie OOOOOH!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Guess who's drunk too many peppermint mochas and zen teas!

Just got it at Starbucks Alabang Town Center after rummaging the Cuenca bazaar. :) Me loving it? Sure do. I just have to fill in my current red one before I start using this fuzzy little baby here.

An Afternoon of Food and Art At Ricco Renzo Caffe and Galleries

When I'm shooting with Mike, food is not a luxury but a necessity. We never run out of food, whatever peg the shoot may be. I guess that when Mike dragged me to his food shoot a while ago, I could not say no. As per our conversation yesterday:

Mike: I'll see you tomorrow.
Bambi: Okay, me say yes to food.
Mike: No late.
Bambi: Sure sure.
I woke up to his SMS telling me to be there at 9:30 a.m., which was practically in 2 hours. I begged and promised to be there before lunchtime since I needed to finish some errands. So it was a hop, kick, sommersault, backflip to the place. I'm familiar with the gallery, having been there before at an event, so it was easy to find it. I'm always in the Jupiter-Reposo area since Mike lives near there. Plus, I like the location. Not too busy yet easily reachable and far away from the traffic of CBD.

Yep, I got there with this guy busy at work:

Yep, that's real food he's shooting. To prove it, I was about to lunge to it at the scent of parmesan cheese had he not whacked my head for me to come to my senses. He introduced me to the chef, Jonas Ng, who gave me an overview of the cafe. Plus chatted up with him a bit with our food preferences.

The resto is actually a quaint cafe with a very relaxed atmosphere. the interiors were very homey and not intimidating. Oh, and free WiFi too, for those with the Internet glued at the hip.

Being an artist drew me to the paintings (the ones displayed are acrylics on canvas). It was mentioned too that the place is also an art gallery, where different artists feature their works. There's also a second floor, which we were toured and this featured works of various artists. We were able to catch an art class going on and I was able to chat with two of the students as they went on with their works. Okay, art and food? Bambi is starting to like this place now.

And so on to the food. I was recommended the appetizer, the Buffalo Chicken Fillet (Php 190.00). This is their bestseller, and they use chicken thigh fillet so you don't get the mess with the wings, bones, and sauce. Spicy? Yes. Good? DEFINITELY!

Mike and I took a toss with two dishes. He chose the Fifteen-Spice Chicken Fillet (Php280.00):

So yes, that's fifteen spices rubbed onto thigh fillet (fillet meaning no bones. YAY!) with pasta pomodoro and succotash. I did get a slice of this, skin and all and it practically melted in my mouth. This was really good, not too spicy but I sure like the kick. Plus okay, that's chicken, pasta, tomatoes, and a side salad. Pretty healthy too. The serving is good enough for two, since it's quite big, but for large appetites like the both of us, one is enough. Suprisingly, I was able to finish my dish (everyone got surprised that this tiny girl eats like a worker)
Tuna Steak (Php 320.00) is one huge slab of grilled premium tuna loin steak. When Mike was shooting it, I thought it was meat or chicken until he said it was fish. It was served with caper sauce that had a bit tart and cream base and spaghetti aglio olio (olive oil + garlic) and wilted greens. There were also two slices of lemon on the side that I squeezed onto the steak. The tuna was flaky, melt-in-the-mouth, and didn't smell or leave any fishy-like flavor.
Another important point I found out was that, this restaurant has very high standards with its meals, keeping them constant all the time. Plus, the staff are aware of any food allergies (they ask the customer first). Once they find out if someone has a food allergy, they take the necessary precautions, such as assigning someone for that person, and that staff washes his or her hands and works in an isolated area in the kitchen to prevent food contamination.

Is this a place where I'll dine again? I'll definitely have this place in mind next time. Parking is relatively easy in this place, and I like the quietness of the atmosphere. Food good? Yes. Also affordable.
Ricco Renzo Caffe and Galleries is found at the G/F LRI Design Plaza 210 Nicanor Garcia St., (formerly Reposo) Bel Air II Makati City Philippines.
(Photo Credits: Food photos by Michael Yu of Mantra Photography)

Hello Red Cups!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

When Starbucks changes their traditional white paper cups to red, it signals one thing, that it's sticker collecting time! While at Glorietta a few weeks ago, I chanced upon the snowflake glass etchings at the Starbucks stores, signaling the return of the planner. Although I don't follow trends or go where everyone goes (I don't watch Glee, I don't play Facebook games, and I'm not keeping tabs on the Pacquiao-Cotto fight right now), this is one trend I do follow since I've always liked the Starbucks planner where I write down my appointments or discovered Youtube tutorials.

Anyhoo, a trivia I found out is that it's only here in Manila that they have the Starbucks planner program. Although the drinks are available also internationally, we can't collect stickers there like we do here.

And on for the drinks:
Last year's Dark Cherry Mocha still is here but Praline Mocha has been replaced with an old favorite... Peppermint Mocha, which took a break last year. Erika and I were sad that it wasn't in last year's roster of drinks but now, I'm glad it's here. Actually, it's what I've been ordering everytime I'm there, and obviously, with my face right smack on its picture, it's been my favorite. I order it this way - short (or tall), hot, decaf nonfat, no whipped cream with sugar sprinkles please. The mint flavor is smooth rather than shocking cold, so I could have it as an after-dinner drink. The two other flavors, since these are richer, I order with no cream. The sweet buttery flavor of Toffee Nut Latte is a good morning drink, while I reserve Dark Cherry Mocha in the afternoon or again, for an all-nighter shoot.

This year's planner is just like last year, in terms of bulk. I found the leather-bound planner too bulky to fit in my already bulky bag. This one is slimmer, although they come in just one color. Oh, and they have coupons too. Yay for the coupons again!

The coffee bean and coffee ground covers in macro settings caught my eye, since my photography is mostly macro.

I just wish they had grids, though because I can't write in a super straight line.

But hey, at least I could do more abstract cubisms while I'm bored.

I'm almost quarter-filled with filling up my sticker book. However, since it was started early, there might be time for a second one. A friend of mine already had two. :)

Affordable Sushi Platter? Yes Way!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

I just realized that I haven't written for so long here in my food blog more than I do at my makeup blog. Guess I was so neck-deep with work and all that the kitchen and I have very little time to bond. Well, I don't cook for one thing (I'm super basic when it comes to cooking) plus the fact that I'm reinventing my diet since I had a huge bloat problem no thanks but thanks to my new addiction.

Anyway, I've got a lot of free time now so I have more time to work on blogging about food. This time, I actually know about this before but I got to blogging about it just now... after 10+ orders of it. hehehe.

On my way to Mike's I always pass by a stand along Makati that sells really affordable sushi. There's also a branch of it near my place here, so one time, I took down the number. While at Mike's for a shoot, we were expecting quite a number of people and when I mentioned it to him, he decided to give it a try and ordered a bilao this big...

It's bigger than my head! Hahahaha. It's a plateful of maki and kani sushi with a chockful of wasabi. Yummm! And yes, they deliver. Yes, they have a branch in Las PiƱas so I could ask them to deliver when I get my Japanese food cravings.

I really love Japanese food, especially sushi and sashimi. I go for the raw food, and during buffets, I usually latch on to these exotic babies rather than the usual rice bowls. I could have those any time but not this. I really take advantage once there's sushi coz they're really expensive and not to mention quite rare. Wasabi's rates are really affordable and they're perfect for office parties, gatherings, or in this case, a photoshoot with 20 people. Boy the crew could really get hungry here. The rice isn't just authentic Japanese rice but the food tastes good nevertheless.

To order, you could call their two branches:

Makati: 703-0795

Las Pinas: 874-6548

For delivery, there is a minimum order requirement, as with all deliveries, but you could call them anyway for to-go orders.

Exotic Dishes abound

Monday, September 21, 2009

Location shoots for me are a chance for me not only to experience a new place, even if it's local or international. In last week's shoot, I had a chance to not only travel but experience a different kind of meal.

Exotik restaurant at Caliraya is known to serve exotic dishes, exotic meaning not your regular poultry, meat, or fish. But it's like you'll never guess until you eat it. For me, this was something new for me, since the most exotic thing I ever ate was uhm, well... isaw.

For a very basic start-up, I had fresh buko, served from the shell, with a spoon to pry the meat. I was told to put ice inside for a refreshing treat, since it was quite a hot day.
First dish that was served to us, which was a regular favorite, Crispy Pata. Since a horrid experience made me shun away from crispy pata, I skipped this, but my colleagues who still eat crispy pata adored this, diet begone and all.

Second dish looked like ordinary tapa.

Turns out, it was tapa, but not ordinary beef tapa, but Tapang Usa, or deer tapa. Funny, the concept was quite quasi-cannibalistic for me though (Bambi eating... err... a Bambi?) but I had to think deer, deer, deer. It was good though. The meat was softer than the tapa I usually have for breakfast, and a bit sweet. I went for seconds and thirds, and it really went well with the pinakbet.

This dish-happened to be Exotik Restaurant's bestseller -Ginataang Pating - shark meat this time. I'm really intrigued too, since I never had shark meat before, and shark's fin soup doesnt count. The coconut cream and ginger flavor masked the rather "fishy" shark meat taste but I like how it had little bones on the shark, or is that because it was deboned well (my comparative anatomy is quite rusty at this point to decipher the shark and bony fish's skeletal system comparison). It's basically the same like eating fish meat, with larger chunks. It's not tough at all, but not as melt-in-the-mouth as dory. It was good nevertheless, and this I enjoy with plain rice and Sinampalukang Manok soup on the side.

Other meat served in the restaurant are manta ray, duck, and eel, but we didn't have to try this too. I'm quite interested on the manta ray though, as I never thought of it as meal.

Aside from the food the restaurant is also a menagerie of birds and exotic animals. I saw a huge albino python that really caught my eye.

Beautiful, isn't she? Humongous too.

The hornbill is another character, I can't believe I'm seeing one eye to eye a creature I usually see on TV documentaries. It's so cute, it actually posed for the camera. :P Before I grew attached to it (having to tend to birds at home), I had to leave for the next location with the crew.
This restaurant is an adventure in itself, sight and taste. Plus I like the open-air atmosphere as well. Staff are friendly and they are there to answer your query, especially if you're new to exotic flair.

On With Better Things In Life

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

An evening drink last Saturday to cap off a great shoot and for another fantastic work week(end) been working from Sunday to Saturday last week and I'll be working on Monday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday this week:

BoNa has made me calmer, hyper, awake, sober, and now BoNa infuses my system with alcohol with this cocktail: Tequilla Rose with Chocolate Shavings on the glass rim. Fills my sweet tooth and also my alcohol rush need. The chocolate shavings are a huge plus too.

A Rant: The Sugar Bug's Blanching Incident @ KK

Thursday, August 13, 2009

This incident happened to me a while ago at the Krispy Kreme store at Glorietta. Before anything else, I want to make it clear that I do not plan on filing lawsuits or take this to legal matters since the attendant did give an immediate sincere apology and there was no serious damage done whatsoever.

Just this evening, after my shift at the store, I had a usual light dinner since I wanted to keep myself light since it's dinner time. I wanted to digest my food and it has been my habit to purchase a cup of tea to subside the bloat. I had a chipper mood too, since I had a lot of fun at the store today doing makeovers and sales was great as usual, and this was carried out from dinner time. As I lined up, the female attendant got my order and told me to go ahead to the cashier. I chose my tea from their magic box of tea bags (Jasmine. Wanted something Oriental this time) and I chose a large size for my cup. After I paid for my order, I waited for the attendant (not the first one) to prepare my order.

As my order came, I thanked the guy who prepared it and I picked up my cup using my left hand. Just then, the bad thing happened. The top apparently wasn't closed tightly and so, the contents of my hot tea spilled on my left hand and got a bit on the customer next to me (owie, double). I did get the initial hurt. Of course my "OWIE!" and the spillage caught the attention of some people and one of the attendants saw what was the culprit. Apparently, the attendant who prepared my order didn't use the right size of cover for my cup, so a gentle squeeze of an open cup could cause a bit of toppling over spilling the contents, in my case, hot water.

The dudes at Krispy Kremes immediately took action, and prepared a replacement tea for me free of charge. As for the pain, I did feel the sting but I thought it would subside anyway, so no fuss. I didn't make a complete fuss about it there throwing divaish bitch fits or anything, since I didn't want to completely make a scene there, being a regular client, and to spare everyone who would care less about the whole hullaballoo.

As we left the venue, the pain started to get worse. My left hand started to sting and it started to feel cold compared to my right hand. I couldn't take the pain anymore and it was the sort of numb-burn pain. Instead of going to the parking lot, we had to take a detour to a drugstore so I could buy burn ointment for my hand. By this time, my hand, especially the areas that got in contact with water were already red and my fingertips were cold. When I paid for the burn ointment, my left hand was too tender that I had a hard time fishing my money out of my bag and opening the box. The burn oinment provided immediate relief. The pain level lessened but it did hurt from time to time.

When I got home, I took pictures of the burn. There's still no blistering and the swelling in some parts have somewhat subsided.

Owie. The shine from the hand is due to the burn ointment. If you look at the webbed portion between the thumb and index finger, even from that distance, you'd see it's red.

See the redness? The reddest part is where it hurts the most. All areas of pain are actually still tender to palpation or even gentle touch or pressure. For the pain levels, refer to this diagram. The one with the most pain, I actually had pain radiating up to the palmar side.

As of now, the greatest area of pain still hurts and I feel a sting at the metacarpal joints. I feel that it would blister soon, so I took the necessary precautions and first aid. I'm just relieved that there was no serious damage done, that my hand is still functional but it would be sort of immobilized at this time. Also, this is not the makeup hand and I could still be fully functional at work and necessary adjustments could be made for me to perform well.

Hi-Tech Dining at Sango!

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Restaurants have their own different features to attract customers - organized systems, one-of-a-kind fusion food, something to tame the kids, interiors, the list goes on and on. One burger joint stood out during a resto adventure, not due to the menu but because, it's a high tech restaurant. Although I'm not much of a techie (my computer knowledge is just Photoshop, upload, download, surf, etc, no gigabyte mumbo-jumbo or the like. I'm a girl that way), this resto sure did surprise me.

Sango! had a branch along Milelong in Amorsolo and also a branch at Alabang, near Westgate. But since I came from Mike's at Bel-Air and he had to go to Rockwell for an errand, he dropped me off Shu Uemura for me to visit EJ and have a chat with Ms. Mari then dinnertime at Sango!
Looks like your ordinary fastfood joint? Uhm... not quite. This is Japanese with rice burgers, wasabe burgers, green tea milk shakes, and the like. Of course like any other fast food joint, it had the traditional counter people. Amusing, like an ATM machine. I just hope makeup counters do not have this apparatus or we'll be losing jobs too.

But hey, what's the fun in that when they have an automated touch-screen machine that takes your order, processes it, and even dispenses change when you pay in cash.
Just a note: please get your receipt after or else the next person in line will curse you because when the machine dispenses their receipt, it sorta eats up the paper and the natural, organized trend of movement will be interrupted. Not good.

I kept dinner light with hot dog on a stick and master fries. I'm not a ketchup fan with my hotdog so I opted for mustard. My big surprise too, was the mustard was actually... Wasabi based. Wiiii!

Pikachu and friends do like my master fries too. Fries with chilli and block slices of cheese. The Pokemon book actually came from the mini-library of Manga and Japanese books, along with the usual newspapers. Cute! Sorry boys, I didn't get to see Sailor Moon, maybe in the other branches.
I like the Milk Tea drink too. It tasted natural instead of like coming from the powder packs. Authentic and brewed and good for the lactose intolerant. With me forever pounding pavement and studios by being coerced to teet around in 5-inch stilettos on occassions, I need calcium too. Oh, and it was refreshing. Next time I'll try green tea as well, another drink I've been a fan of.

I just had to take a picture of these controls when I visited the loo. I remember my good friend Lenard, who's currently based in Japan, who told me about their high-tech toilet at home, which controls the toilet seat temperature, water flow, flush, bidet, squirts, stuff like that. Take a look at these controls:
There was no button on the toilet to flush it. all is in that keypad with the controls, and the seat is heated. There's even air circulation control. I don't believe it (expect a long line at the loo here, because I couldn't figure out the controls. Unggoy.)
Prices? definitely reasonable. Alot like Php250 per person on the average, depending on the order you're getting. Maybe next time when I've mastered the controls on the toilet, I'll blog that too, to minimize the long line on the bathroom that I could have created.

Happy Birthday Krispy Kreme!

Friday, July 17, 2009

One monday, it was raining. As a rain-phobic like me would just stay home... nothing could keep me away from attending Krispy Kreme's 72nd birthday. My love-at-first-bite donut treat and I had to bond in this special day so I was armed to the brim - a semi-filled tummy so as not to experience sugar rush while having room to eat donuts, a loose outfit (for that same reason), rain boots, and umbrella.

Krispy Kreme welcomed us with the usual cheery atmosphere, the scent of the glaze curtain, and bottomless Krispy Kreme - eat all you want, drink all you want. Be happy... it's Krispy Kreme's birthday! And when asked what I wanted to order, I ordered my favorite... NEW YORK CHEESECAKE AND GINGER ALE!

Red balloons meaning happy Birthday Krispy Kreme at the background and my expression eating my NY Cheesecake was priceless (I got to take home one too). Certainly is a happy day. As I went around after my round 2 of Chocolate Sprinkles donuts, I saw the donut conveyor belt being hosed down with water. When I asked why, the reason for this was they already made the batch for chocolate glazed donuts and now it's time for original glazed so they had to hose down the conveyor belt to make sure everything is clean so there's no flavor mixing. :)

Krispy Kreme definitely made my day today despite the heavy rain, which started pouring once I headed out the door, original glazed donuts in tow. It's really cool how a brand like this really caught right on here in Manila, with a whole lot of stores opening in different locations. I'm still eyeing on a location here at the south though, and for Krispy Kreme to stay here for a long time.

Happy 72nd birthday KK!

Creamy and Cheesy at the Stock Market

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

A weekend at Boni High Street means limited food choices, if you're not adventurous. But, thank God I am and I have less food allergies so I could dine as I please. I've been intrigued at a restaurant called Stock Market, partially coz of how it looks (I love the cozy atmosphere) and well, it is something new.

Can't go wrong always with pasta so I went for pasta and soup. But here's something that caught my eye:

Tomato Foundue with Mozzarella and Parmesan Croutons (Php 285)

This appetizer is good for sharing. It's like tomato sauce... minus the pasta. It's richer than tomato soup. Here, you get a crouton, put it on your plate, stab it with a fork, and dip it in the rich fondue (just like how you dip chips on salsa) and pop it in your mouth. The crouton softens with the sauce, that's kept perpetually warm with a tiny tea candle.

For soup,an old favorite: French Onion soup (Php 230). yumm!

I like the beef broth base plus the onions (which had no onion spicy taste and topped with bread with melted cheese topping). Tip: Share the soup, you won't be able to finish the entire thing. :)

Main course, which for me a classic and unadventurous pasta dish. Choice was the uber rich Ravioli of Cream Cheese, Parmesan and Pine Nuts (Cream+Cheese+Loads more of Cheese = urk!)

Php 360

I could swear, it tastes better than it looks. Those bits there are actually ham. So imagine eating the richest carbonara sauce known to mankind loaded with cheese. If you love cheese, this dish spells heaven. The ravioli may be like a few pieces here, like 5, but trust me... this is one dish you would want for sharing, especially if you've had the fondue and Soup.

The dinner was topped off with green tea iced cream plus a cup of hot tea at the nearby Krispy Kremes. Price-wise, it kinda gets expensive. I like that the people treat us well though and gave us suggestions. I'd go back here and try more dishes. (Note to self: No cheese overload)

Large Means Large

Friday, June 19, 2009

This is how big the new large fries are:

And for a fry-lover like me, I couldn't finish them :P

Thai Silk Sampaguita Sorbet : Interestingly Sweet

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

One rainy night, for a change and since I wanted something to rid me of any cough before they start, thai cuisine was the way to go. I wanted something sweet so I checked out the dessert menu. I chose sampaguita sorbet, which was quite interesting. I mean I'm familiar with the flower seeing it hung on leis during church every Sunday but I never actually thought of it as a dessert flavor.

Actually it was a choice between this or durian ice cream. I chose this. Those who know me full well know this.
Don't expect this to be creamy though like ice cream. It's actually more of like fine ice shavings sweetened with sugar with the taste of sampaguita. The taste? Quite interesting and exotic. It does remind me of the flower's scent for some reason. A hidden joke is that it tastes like the air freshener. Not that I munch on the air freshener though...
(Sampaguita Sorbet available at Thai Silk restaurant at Serendra)