And the Panda Brings Me Food

Monday, January 26, 2009

When I saw this place, I couldn't help but try it during my weekly pedicure:

That's Panda Mein plain noodles (Php22.00) at Starmall Las PiƱas. If you love instant pancit canton, this you'll love more since:

1) It's less unhealthy and it fits the budget.
2) Add 2 pesos you could make it soup
3) It goes with a variety of dimsum (add 8-10 pesos for dimsum of choice)4) There are a wide variety of sauces to choose and mix-and-match

Im complaining though that the servings are small that i could wolf it down in 15 minutes. Maybe I could get two orders during my really hungry days yes? It's quite popular already in my area and it's a shame that I only discovered it now. Well, better late than never.

Looks like I got a new I'm-bored-and-I-want-food favorite. :)

Mochi Is My Treat

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Ever been to those old-fashioned ice cream parlors that bring back memories of our favorite ice cream treats like Chunky Monkey, Banana Split, Peach Melba, and sundaes in various flavors that we love?

After the family's annual New Year dinner, we went for ice cream at Magnolia Ice Cream House (it's located near SM Mall of Asia. I don't know the exact name of the location but it's in the line of Dampa-type restaurants and it's located right near Lydia's Lechon). While waiting for our order, I saw this display box:

The pop-art design caught my eye and so did the cute-sounding name. I asked if they had these in stock and they said yes, for Php10.00 each. Since I was intrigued at mochi balls having seen them in groceries abroad, I wanted to give this a try.

There were only two flavors available: Sesame and Ube so I ordered one of each. They came to me served in a little plate and each mochi ball was individually wrapped just like candy with the wrapper still cold.

Mochi = ice cream balls wrapped in glutinous rice

Here's the sesame variant, which reminded me of buchi without the seeds. The covering is just like espasol, down to the flour coating (or is it powdered sugar?). If you're a neat freak and will be snacking on this on the car, better have tissue ready to dust off any powder particles that fall (tip, thaw the mochi ball a bit before eating so the rice covering is chewy and the ice cream is soft enough)

The ube here, aside from the pretty purple color (to those who like purple) has more flavor than sesame, there's more sweetness to it.

The kids seem to like this more, I dunno, maybe it's sweeter?

The box also can be ordered to go, at Php100.00 for 10 pcs in a box (relatively the same price if you buy it individually) and yep, this can be chucked inside the freezer.

Oh while you're at the store and would want to enjoy a treat, I recommend the strawberry cheesecake. I ordered it saying it was their bestseller and I thought it would me really small when I got it. When I saw it, It's good enough for 3 people:

Ang laki chong!

Graham cracker butter layer, strawberry ice cream, cream cheese, and strawberry topping drizzled with little chocolate slabs and chocolate syrup. Three people to eat: yumyum. Two people: buuuurp. One person alone: Ultimate brain freeze and sugar high. Php180.00 for 3. Plus if you love PINK, this is for you.

Mochi balls, however, I don't know if they have this is the grocery. Magnolia Ice Cream Shop has this, but last checked, there was none at SM Hypermart. Anyone know where they may be at?