On With Better Things In Life

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

An evening drink last Saturday to cap off a great shoot and for another fantastic work week(end) been working from Sunday to Saturday last week and I'll be working on Monday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday this week:

BoNa has made me calmer, hyper, awake, sober, and now BoNa infuses my system with alcohol with this cocktail: Tequilla Rose with Chocolate Shavings on the glass rim. Fills my sweet tooth and also my alcohol rush need. The chocolate shavings are a huge plus too.

A Rant: The Sugar Bug's Blanching Incident @ KK

Thursday, August 13, 2009

This incident happened to me a while ago at the Krispy Kreme store at Glorietta. Before anything else, I want to make it clear that I do not plan on filing lawsuits or take this to legal matters since the attendant did give an immediate sincere apology and there was no serious damage done whatsoever.

Just this evening, after my shift at the store, I had a usual light dinner since I wanted to keep myself light since it's dinner time. I wanted to digest my food and it has been my habit to purchase a cup of tea to subside the bloat. I had a chipper mood too, since I had a lot of fun at the store today doing makeovers and sales was great as usual, and this was carried out from dinner time. As I lined up, the female attendant got my order and told me to go ahead to the cashier. I chose my tea from their magic box of tea bags (Jasmine. Wanted something Oriental this time) and I chose a large size for my cup. After I paid for my order, I waited for the attendant (not the first one) to prepare my order.

As my order came, I thanked the guy who prepared it and I picked up my cup using my left hand. Just then, the bad thing happened. The top apparently wasn't closed tightly and so, the contents of my hot tea spilled on my left hand and got a bit on the customer next to me (owie, double). I did get the initial hurt. Of course my "OWIE!" and the spillage caught the attention of some people and one of the attendants saw what was the culprit. Apparently, the attendant who prepared my order didn't use the right size of cover for my cup, so a gentle squeeze of an open cup could cause a bit of toppling over spilling the contents, in my case, hot water.

The dudes at Krispy Kremes immediately took action, and prepared a replacement tea for me free of charge. As for the pain, I did feel the sting but I thought it would subside anyway, so no fuss. I didn't make a complete fuss about it there throwing divaish bitch fits or anything, since I didn't want to completely make a scene there, being a regular client, and to spare everyone who would care less about the whole hullaballoo.

As we left the venue, the pain started to get worse. My left hand started to sting and it started to feel cold compared to my right hand. I couldn't take the pain anymore and it was the sort of numb-burn pain. Instead of going to the parking lot, we had to take a detour to a drugstore so I could buy burn ointment for my hand. By this time, my hand, especially the areas that got in contact with water were already red and my fingertips were cold. When I paid for the burn ointment, my left hand was too tender that I had a hard time fishing my money out of my bag and opening the box. The burn oinment provided immediate relief. The pain level lessened but it did hurt from time to time.

When I got home, I took pictures of the burn. There's still no blistering and the swelling in some parts have somewhat subsided.

Owie. The shine from the hand is due to the burn ointment. If you look at the webbed portion between the thumb and index finger, even from that distance, you'd see it's red.

See the redness? The reddest part is where it hurts the most. All areas of pain are actually still tender to palpation or even gentle touch or pressure. For the pain levels, refer to this diagram. The one with the most pain, I actually had pain radiating up to the palmar side.

As of now, the greatest area of pain still hurts and I feel a sting at the metacarpal joints. I feel that it would blister soon, so I took the necessary precautions and first aid. I'm just relieved that there was no serious damage done, that my hand is still functional but it would be sort of immobilized at this time. Also, this is not the makeup hand and I could still be fully functional at work and necessary adjustments could be made for me to perform well.

Hi-Tech Dining at Sango!

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Restaurants have their own different features to attract customers - organized systems, one-of-a-kind fusion food, something to tame the kids, interiors, the list goes on and on. One burger joint stood out during a resto adventure, not due to the menu but because, it's a high tech restaurant. Although I'm not much of a techie (my computer knowledge is just Photoshop, upload, download, surf, etc, no gigabyte mumbo-jumbo or the like. I'm a girl that way), this resto sure did surprise me.

Sango! had a branch along Milelong in Amorsolo and also a branch at Alabang, near Westgate. But since I came from Mike's at Bel-Air and he had to go to Rockwell for an errand, he dropped me off Shu Uemura for me to visit EJ and have a chat with Ms. Mari then dinnertime at Sango!
Looks like your ordinary fastfood joint? Uhm... not quite. This is Japanese with rice burgers, wasabe burgers, green tea milk shakes, and the like. Of course like any other fast food joint, it had the traditional counter people. Amusing, like an ATM machine. I just hope makeup counters do not have this apparatus or we'll be losing jobs too.

But hey, what's the fun in that when they have an automated touch-screen machine that takes your order, processes it, and even dispenses change when you pay in cash.
Just a note: please get your receipt after or else the next person in line will curse you because when the machine dispenses their receipt, it sorta eats up the paper and the natural, organized trend of movement will be interrupted. Not good.

I kept dinner light with hot dog on a stick and master fries. I'm not a ketchup fan with my hotdog so I opted for mustard. My big surprise too, was the mustard was actually... Wasabi based. Wiiii!

Pikachu and friends do like my master fries too. Fries with chilli and block slices of cheese. The Pokemon book actually came from the mini-library of Manga and Japanese books, along with the usual newspapers. Cute! Sorry boys, I didn't get to see Sailor Moon, maybe in the other branches.
I like the Milk Tea drink too. It tasted natural instead of like coming from the powder packs. Authentic and brewed and good for the lactose intolerant. With me forever pounding pavement and studios by being coerced to teet around in 5-inch stilettos on occassions, I need calcium too. Oh, and it was refreshing. Next time I'll try green tea as well, another drink I've been a fan of.

I just had to take a picture of these controls when I visited the loo. I remember my good friend Lenard, who's currently based in Japan, who told me about their high-tech toilet at home, which controls the toilet seat temperature, water flow, flush, bidet, squirts, stuff like that. Take a look at these controls:
There was no button on the toilet to flush it. all is in that keypad with the controls, and the seat is heated. There's even air circulation control. I don't believe it (expect a long line at the loo here, because I couldn't figure out the controls. Unggoy.)
Prices? definitely reasonable. Alot like Php250 per person on the average, depending on the order you're getting. Maybe next time when I've mastered the controls on the toilet, I'll blog that too, to minimize the long line on the bathroom that I could have created.