Wasabe Wontons?

Sunday, August 31, 2008

Do you love wasabe? Then pass by Kimono Ken at Blue Wave and try this:

Wontons with wasabe-mayo dip and side salad (Php 95.00 without rice)

This is seafood-free for those who are allergic to seafood. The wasabe isn't overpowering but it's got the spice factor that sneaks up at you.

You want spice? Try it! For extra spice, grab the chili oil and go and add to your heart's content. Make sure though that the wonton has cooled a bit so you get to enjoy the flavors as well.

Picture Perfect: Sugar Overload

SanFo Treats Fried Twinkies

Deep-Fried Twinkies with chocolate ice cream and chocolate syrup. Yummmm!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I just watched Princess Diaries and looking at the San Francisco scape makes me miss it and also I'm craving for another dish of this. Hmm... lemme try the strawberry-chocolate-twinkie combo this time. :-)

A Taste of the Bay Area

San Francisco happens to be one of my favorite cities and in my opinion, one of the most beautiful. I love looking at those Victorian houses and the picture windows. I love the cable car, the view of the ocean, and almost everything about it.

Food-wise, San Francisco has the best catch in seafood. I miss Pier 9 where I can have fresh clam chowder on the bread bowl and enjoy the sweets and chocolate-covered raisins. Fond memories of San Francisco aside from walking on the streets and the fresh air are also the quaint little food shops.

When SanFo Treats opened its new confectionery shop at Glorietta, I so wanted to try it. After a day of running errands with some side-shopping at the mall, I visited SanFo treats and got a Bay Area Sizzler, which happens to be soda right from a soda fountain flavored with your choice of syrup.

Since I'm in a pink phase since I just purchased my Hollywood Nights lipstick, I went for pink with Petal Berry flavored Bay Area Sizzler. It's actually strawberry with rose syrup. At Php 45.00 (Approximately US $1.00), you get this little treat to refresh you after being tired of walking on the mall and breaking in your new shoes. I actually found it refreshing, and the rose flavor is, well, interesting. It's fascinating, really, and it had this exotic appeal.

I also like the ambiance of the store, the candy-colored interiors and display of San Francisco souvenirs, tour maps, and memorabilla. It makes me want to go back there again. Well, if I can't go to San Francisco, I can stop by this store.

They've also got chocolate bananas for Php 40.00, Sundaes, caramel apples (my friend suggests to have them sliced first), banana splits, and this treat for the super-sweet toothed:

DEEP FRIED TWINKIEEEES for Php 140 (Approximately US $3.11). Will post a review/feature on this. I already tried it yesterday. *buuurp*

Looks like the coffee shops in Glorietta won't be seeing me for a while. :-)

After-work Lunch

Thursday, August 28, 2008

My very late lunch last Monday was something I've been craving for so long....
Remember how much I love Pancake House Spaghetti? Well, here it is! I took a picture of it before I forget. The last time, I ate them all without taking a picture.

This is something I can never get enough of. That's just the regular size but had I been very hungry, I would have ordered a large.

Oh, and this was my drink/dessert:

I needed this for I haven't had Pancake House Strawberry Milkshake since I was a kid (seriously!). I dunno what ice cream they use but it was friendly for my lactose-intolerant tummy!

I just love their desserts too, maybe before an event instead of an uber expensive coffee shop, I can stop by this place for a kiddie-like treat?

Plus add the fact that it was a 2:30 pm lunch and my last meal was 7 AM. I needed this foodie fest bad.
Right now, I'm craving for Panda Express orange chicken. While I can't hop on the next flight to San Francisco so I can have a taste of my favorite Panda Express at the Bay Area, I'm searching for the perfect orange chicken recipe. Hmmm........

Another Customizable Treat

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Ever been to Crepes and Ice Cream? I've been there thrice and each time, I get to experience something different with the concoctions I make. For those who see the stall in MoA, Rockwell, Robinons Midtown, or visited it at Forbes Town Center, you get what I mean. Each time I go there, I try ordering a different DIY crepe. I prefer it that way, since I get to try out a sorta-original flavor

Here's my most recent sweet crepe combo:

Peaches with mocha ice cream, chocolate syrup, and tiramisu bits! This was an after-lunch dessert and pre-client makeup snack so I needed all the energy I could give. My combo before was mangoes with choco-peanut ice cream and hazelnut spread with caramel syrup. Mmmmm!!!!

Crepes and Ice Cream also has pre-selected flavors and combos for you to try when you're not creative. If you're not much of a sweet tooth, they also have savory crepes for a light meal. If you want just ice cream or ice cream and toppings, they serve that too.

Also, Crepes and Ice Cream also has got frequency cards. You just fill up 6 stamps and get one free.

What could be your Crepes and Ice Cream combo in your next visit?

My Face In My Two Blogs Are Like Two Sides of Pancakes

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Here's the Bambi you know as makeupbybambi:

(Photo By Stanley Ong)

(Photo By Paelo Pedrajas)

(Photo By Vince Galang)

(Photo by Shed Chua)

and this is Bambi as thesugarbug:

At BoNa Coffee In Westgate

At Heaven and Eggs (Note the Bambi T-shirt)

Attacking the jellyfish salad at North Park

Preparing to battle the Giant Crab at Diamond Hotel

and finally:

Waiting at Pepper Lunch

Food-blogging has put me in this new perspective that can be a dork and kid around and be a clown. It's really relaxing and it's a new perspective to me than just lipstick and brushes. Foodblogging gives me the opportunity to show my kulit side and just be fun. :-) And takaw too.

The Taste of White Hat

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

I got an invitation to try out The White Hat, an Italian Frozen Yogurt station in SM Mall of Asia and seeing at how a scrumptious dessert can be 98% fat free (you need that extra 2% still you know!), I wanted to try it out. I've also seen great reviews over at Pass The Sauce and also over at Arpee's and got further intrigued. So last Monday, after my photoshoot, I passed by The White Hat for a sweet treat.

Basically, it's a yogurt station where you choose your yogurt size (regular for Php 85 and large for Php 115) then choose your toppings. They've got their homemade granola (yumm!), ube jelly, mangoes, mandarin oranges, cereal, cranberries, raisins, strawberries, honeydew melon, chocolate drops, marshmallows, and grapes just to name a few. Ooh just mentioning them makes me want to go there right now... stormy rain and floods andall

The staff are very friendly and even shared me the bestseller tips. I opted for this combination of a regular-sized yogurt, mangoes, ube jelly, and granola ( a personal tip from the staff). Yeah go healthy pinoy!

He opted for a sweeter combo of honeydew, dark chocolate chips, and cashew nuts

Now I know why it's called The White Hat! Look at the shape - just like a white hat! Cute!

I love the creamy texture of the yogurt. At first, I thought it was ice cream but I get this tart taste that's quite yummy, just like your regular fruit yogurt. Since mine was mango, it reminded me of my regular mango yogurt but I got the crunch from the granola. The ube jelly was another interesting treat, i get the sweet, creamy flavor without the fibers. The whole medley in itself of all the flavors is really great.

Oh, and I'm also lactose intolerant, and this stuff did not send me running to the bathroom and I still had enough to get from the other cup. Yummmmm!!!!!!!

This is one treat that's a treat to the eyes (looks nice), the tastebuds (the flavors), and the health!

(The White Hat is located at Level 2 Entertainment Mall at the SM Mall of Asia.)

The Sugar Bug Visits Pepper Lunch

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Ahh... finally!

A bit late but nevertheless. When Pepper Lunch first opened here in Manila, Phoebe has been telling me to go there but I always postpone it since during that time, I was cramped up with shoots and my faculty position. Come after one shoot, I was deciding to eat there but it was bad timing because it was the annual Rockwell mid-year sale and the line was too long. I would have waited out the line but I was already seeing stars so I opted to do so on another time.

Anyway, last Saturday was Pepper Lunch day, and whaddya know... there is always a line, or crowd I must say.

So we got in line, and then someone asked us our orders and handed us this voucher thing (kind of like how fast foods are when the line is long). When we got to the counter, all we had to do was pay for the food and once we're near, someone already assigns us a seat. Systematic! I must say that the management does know how to manage huge crowds and hungry guests.

Oh, and there's a TV where you can see how the hot plate works so you know how to cook your meal. WITH SUBTITLES!

The things you do when you're bored. Heeheehee...

So once we got our orders. If you haven't paid attention to the TV, there are directions on the plate. And if you still were not able to see the directions, the Pepper Lunch staff are there to help you and give you suggestions on how to cook your meal.you have to mix it really, really really well until the flavors are all combined. The longer you mix, the more flavorful.

And add the sauce you wish (I chose honey brown sauce for my salmon pepper rice).

And voila! enjoy!

for an extra Php48.00, you could even double your meat intake. (Here's his version of double the beef pepper rice, with garlic sauce, and extra pepper!)

I must say I love the mingling of all the flavors together, how the butter mixes in with the meat, rice, and corn. The meat also melts in the mouth so you don't get tough and hard-to-chew stuff. I love the freshness of the flavor and how your meal hardly gets cold even if it's towards the end.

My comment actually speaks for itself about my overall review. Actually... I ran out of words to say...so just stare at my plate. :D

(Pepper Lunch is located at the Powerplant Mall, right across Rustan's Fresh)

My Singaporean Healthy Fare

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

This is rice:

and spicy dilis and cucumber cooked just right. It's actually coconut rice without coconut milk and they used an MCT (mono-chain triglycerides) kind of coconut oil which contains lauric acid and healthier than conventional oils which make you fat.

I attended a Healthy Lifestyle Cooking Course at Tang City Glorietta last week conducted by Singaporean chef Lisa Leong. Here, she shows that healthy food does not mean bland or tasteless. "My son is a doctor, and he would say, 'Mom, what I save, please don't kill,' " she shares to the audience.

In her Dancing Singapore Laksa ( a spicy noodle soup popular in Singapore), she uses coconut oil products, particularl COCOS MCT Powder and SUPER COCO Virgin Coconut Oil, which "infuse a distinct flavor into my creations while also incresing their nutritional value, "she states.

I have never tried Singaporean Laksa before, but when I tasted it for the first time, it was really very spicy. It creeps up to you and I could really taste everything and there's a bit of creaminess of the coconut milk. When it's spicy it really is spicy!

And about the coconut oil, you can click here and I found another bonus use about it from Chef Lisa Leong.

As she demo-ed her recipes in her usual fun and quirky way, she would serve us the food samples and since they were so yummy, it's hard to believe they were healthy. My absolute favorite is the pandan cake, that was moist and baked just right it was hard to believe that she baked it from a rice cooker!

Team Asia Corporation is the leading distributor of Highlanders Brown Rice Tea (review on this coming up), Super Coco Virgin Coconut Oil, and Nano Wellness Cards in the Philippines. For inquiries, please call 723-4461 to 64, email sales@teamasiacorporation.com or visit www.teamasiacorporation.com