My Carboload at MoA

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Hey all! To load me up on my photoshoot week, I've loaded up on these babies:

White hat yogurt. I tried three toppings and whaddya know, they've got additional toppings. I wanted strawberry, peach, and cheesecake but I really missed pumpkin pie so when i saw pumpkin pie I was like... I can have cheesecake any day but never pumpkin pie!

Then i passed by Krispy Kremes and seeing that the red light was on, indulged on donuts...

I bought also some coffee and had some donuts too. :)

Since it was already a whole load of carbs, I went on high protein and uber light. :D

Jatujak Tom Yum Soup. :) Warms my tummy and it's a bit spicy!
Anyone care to share their week-starter food trippings?

A COOL Treat: Cold Rock Express in Alabang Town Center

Monday, September 22, 2008

I have not been to ATC a long, long time I guess. When I did yesterday, I went all giddy and hyper when I saw this at the Activity Center:

Finally! There's Cold Rock here in the South. No longer do I have to go all the way to GB3 when I'm craving for DIY ice cream.

fter a carb-loaded lunch at Brookyn Pizza, we proceded to Cold Rock for my long-awaited treat.

Carbs again but it's a Sunday, and I'm in for a treat!

The rainbow of ice cream flavors is very welcoming. I had a hard time choosing. One of my favorite staples is choco mint ice cream but I wanted something different.

Choosing toppings was harder too... cookie dough? too heavy. gummy bears? yumm but naaah. Pound cake? Marshmallows? Cold Rock sprinkles? Strawberries? Gooseberries? Omigod, I can't make up my mind

So we settled for a Kiddie Cup of our choice of one ice cream plus 2 fillings (Php 165, but good enough for 2 people)

ferrero ice cream + choco mallows + fudge brownies

So they mix it in this stone slab that's regulated up to a cold temperature (you can see "frosts" forming that they clear out each time they have to mix ice cream and fillings). Ohhh... so that's how the name "Cold Rock" came to be. The kiosk setup is just hard to manage when there's a large crowd (expect that with families and barkadas). However, the crew, despite that it was a Sunday and there were 3 families and a couple ahead of us... they managed to deliver quite well all permutations of ice cream flavors.

Here you go yum yum yum!

Super compact ice cream. Nothing extended or fake. Plus each time I get to visit Cold Rock, I get to have a new experience each time. I can create my own flavors and get all crazy with the toppings or try a different ice cream flavor. I hardly even look at the suggested combos because I always like making my own.

For those in the South who want to know where the Cold Rock Express kiosk is, it's located in the Activity Center near California Pizza Kitchen and the kiddie carousel.

Pampered by the Richmonde Hotel

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Got to spend the night at the presidential suite at the Richmonde Hotel for work. Not only did we just stay there but, but we also got to dine (breakfast and diner) at the Richmonde Grill.

Dinner: Shrimp Tagliatelle. Yummmm!

Cream pesto sauce with fresh shrimp. Yummm!!!!!!! It was a bit heavy though, but it filled me and prepped me for work quite nicely.

Despite my pre-sunrise snack of Tortillos and milk tea, I, along with the crew still had buffet breakfast at the same place:

Just a warm-up.... not to worry...

Braised veggies with tofu, wheat bread, and assorted cheeses.

Not in picture and in my tummy: tapsilog, sapin-sapin, fresh fruits, french toast, and cereal.

The Richmonde Grill crew was also prompt and alert. They went to each table assisting each customer. There was a waiter with a pitcher of coffee and tea. After I refused coffee and asked for tea instead, he poured the warm tea on my teacup. I requested for nonfat milk. They had creamer. I was okay with that. Seconds later, they haded our table a saucer with packets of creamer. Very very efficient! They're always there on call when you need them, and they're even there to assist you when you have no idea what the foods are.

Whaddya know, when we got up, we had complementary snacks, sandwiches, fries, and iced tea/coffee to nourish us as we went by working in our photoshoot.

View from the window as the sun starts to rise:

Thanks to the crew for choosing The Richmonde Hotel as our place of stay!

Thesugarbug loves Lipton Milk Tea to Give Her Energy

Friday, September 19, 2008

I like the title 'coz it rhymes. Heee!

A few months ago, before this blog came to be, I, along with a few other bloggers, were fortunate enough to attend a Lipton and Body Shop Blogger's event where we were pampered not with yummy Bizu munchies, given our favorite Body Shop freebies, but also, we got a taste of Lipton Milk Tea. I was already a fan of milk tea even before I started doing makeup professionally. This is one of the food discoveries I've had during our food trips back during the day when I used to work. It's actually been around for quite a while and here it is for me to share in my food blog.

I present to you, Lipton Milk Tea.

Wth healthy lifestyle being the "in" thing today, it's really nice to know that new varieties of healthy drinks are coming up. For me, it's a good way of promoting health without the preachy aspect. Remember how some of us get traumatized when we were "forced" to eat vegetables? You know what I mean. Plus look at the main color - YELLOW! Definitely very inviting, very cheery, very sunny, very summery. In fact, the color of the day during the event was YELLOW! It's like the tea cups were saying "Drink me! I'm healthy! I make you pretty and happy!" In a sweet fairy godmother tone.

Actually, I'm a tea lover now that I'm embracing a healthy, zen lifestyle to balance my on-the-go high energy and entrophy side. For one thing, tea has a way of calming me down especially after a long day. Remember in the spas we're served teas after a massage? It sort of seals everything in and relaxes the body more. After a heavy and fatty meal, I always like a cup of tea to help calm down my tummy especially since I do have a history of hyperacidity. I love tea after a yoga session. When I'm sick, a nice hot cup of ginger or peppermint tea helps me feel better.

What I like about tea is that it has this way of making me feel good while giving me that energy jolt I need for that extra stretch of work. Actually, the dorky side of it explaining that is tea actually has a naturally-occuring amino acid called theanine, which naturally stimulates activity in the brain called alpha waves resulting in a relaxed but alert mental state. So when there's work to be done, I can do it with a calm mindset rather than all jittery and jumpy. It's like getting the job done while being calm and focused. Imagine finishing a deadline all nerves and shackles. Haggard 'no 'te?

Summing it up here's a perfect equation:

Milk + Tea = Refreshingly good!

I mean when I tasted it first, it's got that kick a tea has, that bitter herbal taste but there's the mellowness and creamy-sweet taste of milk. Lipton milk tea tastes also like real, brewed milk tea from scratch - not artificial or medicine-like. I can even take this on an empty stomach. Say, I need something to warm me up before a crack-of-dawn shoot. I might pack this since I have an overnight shoot! (Mental note: Run to the grocery and get yourself a box of Lipton Milk Tea).

I actually prefer this hot, since I like the warmth it gives on my stomach. When it's a hot day, serving it cold (with ice!) could be a good choice. I can even take a packet with me along with a heatproof mug and make one before I start doing makeup or on-the-go.

Take a look at this picture:

The sugar bug definitely loves her Lipton Milk tea up to the point that she would have drank the cup clean down to the subatomic particles of Lipton Milk Tea had she been gifted with a proboscis.

A Light Roasted Dinner

On my plate last Wednesday Night.

Since I was already stuffed coming from an event, I wanted something light so we ordered a roast platter and I had a jellyfish salad too

Love the Roast! Our table got this to share....

and my jellyfish salad

I don't really eat century egg but I wolfed down the Jellyfish salad. It was disaapointing though, when I saw that it only had a little on the plate. Presentation wise, not bad. But I was bitin. I like the taste though. Jellyfish actually has this interesting taste that I like

The platter was a feast as well. Since it was one of Good Earth Roast specialties, it was cooked to perfection. The ginger and chili sauce go well with the cuts. A definite must on my plate next time I go there.

Anyone care to share their light dinners?

A Fruity Quick Breakfast

Friday, September 12, 2008

On my plate this morning

Fruit Cocktail with almond jelly. :)

It's quick, it's healthy! And here's how to do it:

Open a can of fruit cocktail
Chop up pre-cooked almond gelatin (the instant one will do)

Mix the chopped jello up with the fruit cocktail.

This is best served cold, and it's really refreshing. :)

Make-Your-Own-Pizza Night, An Event that Not Even Floods Could Stop

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Despite the typhoon howling and the rains pouring, I received an SMS from the event organizing stating that rain or shine, this event would push through-- with great relief as I am halfway my way to Makati... on public transportation as no cab wanted to brave the floods.

At Buendia, the flood was horrendous my usual 45-minute journey on a good, low-peak day became a 2-1/2 hour journey. Buendia was really flooded and the bus had to turn off the airconditioning just to save gas. As the crowd was packing in and the traffic not moving I went down - by this time, the bus has reached Ayala) at Herrera and walked to Glorietta - in 3-inch pointed boots! By that time, I was supposed to meet photographer and new blogger, Marc. I told him I'll meet him at Skin Food, the one near Lacoste. My bad, I forgot there are 2 Lacoste stores in Glorietta, walking again in those killer heels. So I met him in the one near Marks and Spencer and we proceeded to CPK.

I was expecting everyone to be late due to the rains but the function room was packed. But nevertheless, everyone was there and I proceeded to greet AJ a happy birthday!

No one dared to miss Make-Your-Own Pizza Day, where bloggers were tasked to make their own favorite CPK Pizza

"It does not have to be perfect!" was what we were told (although in the CPK kitchen, they make theirs perfect!). Here's a trivia: The ever-so-famous BBQ chicken pizza does not have an ounce of tomato sauce. They use barbecue sauce, cheeses. onions, barbecue grilled chicken, and some cilantro on top. Yumm!

Bloggers were then tasked to make their own pizza with the CPK chefs guiding them. What I love about California Pizza Kitchen is that they're so creative about their pizza. Maybe I can get creative at home with my version from the tips I learned from the event. :)

The crust...

The fillings (under yellow light)

And we also munched on our munchies:

I crush the Sesame Ginger Chicken Dumplings

These babies won Rico's and Marc's appetite.
(Baja Chicken Tortilla Spring Rolls)

The picture was cropped as our makeshift "reflector" (i.e. a white dinner plate) was peeking through. :P Marc's idea of using it as a reflector to brighten the look.

Spotted also in the blogger events are cute KE couple Gary and Jill, who I paused for a bit of chika. I haven't seen these guys since the Carlos Celdran tour we attended. I also paused for a chat with model Vanessa Pastor-Ledesma, who was there as her husband...

RJ Ledesma was the host . He's as witty and funny as he is on his column as he is hosting. :)

Fun Fun Night! I've always been a CPK fan and our family loves having gatherings there. It's kid-friendly too! And if you're a grownup, have a cocktail. I recommend the pina colada! :)

Reema Chanco for White Hat and PAWS

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Hope to see you there!

A BF Trip

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Southeners who are tired of the 3 malls in our area can try trooping down BF Paranaque for quaint treats. At the strip of Aguirre Ave in BF Paranaque are strips of gourmet restaurants and commercial restaurants, snack houses, cafes, etc. Some even offer free Wi-Fi. Right now, I'm at my favorite coffee place right here in the South blogging.

First up is dinner at A Vennetto restaurant. Makati goers know this pretty Italian place at Glorietta but we at South troop over to BF for per-slice gourmet pizza and pasta to share.

Here's a vegetarian treat: olive and garlic base sauce with mushrooms:

The taste was aokay. I like the mushrooms and how it was pure simplicity. Also, it was healthy

You can have a hero sandwich too, if you're hungry and if there's some left, take it with you.

yumm! Also, in A Venetto, you can order your pizza by the slice if you want to try just one. Since I have this huge bloat issue whenever I eat too much pizza, I order my usual seafood pizza and just feast on pasta.

Coffee is none other than at BoNa coffee, where I'm blogging right now. I'm right here at the flagship store in BF, enjoying free WiFi and this baby:

This is BoNa's bestseller and this is my first time to try it, considering I've been a BoNa client for quite a while. This is Kona mocha, and the coffee they used here is Kona, which is supposedly stronger. I can feel the kick but it's not as strong, but I'll know I'll have the energy to prep up for tomorrow's shoot.

Anyway, the reason why I only tried this now is that it's forever out-of-stock. When I found out that they had it and I've heard great reviews about it, I ordered a mezzo (Php135) and I was not dissapointed. The dark chocolate shavings on top are another treat!

Apparently, I'm right here in BoNa, enjoying free WiFi and sipping my Kona Mocha. <3!

Now I know why a wholelotta bloggers love this place as well, especially the southeners!

The South does have hidden treasures, even if it's a far off place. :-)

The weekend's almost ending. Enjoy the rest of it!

Comfort Food Shots

Ginger tea after a massage

Spicy enough to relief sore throat. Love it! Plus it's good for digestion.

And another not-so-healthy comfort food

Who does not love McDonald's French Fries? (Okay, don't count the calories but these are my guilty pleasures on a bad day, nevermind if they all go to my hips and thighs).

So what's your healthy and unhealthy comfort food?

A Very Sweet Krispy Kreme Party

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Oooohhh what does this mean?

And this?

That means ....

there is a new Krispy Kreme drive-in and walk-in store at Mall Of Asia!

Donut-and-coffee lovers and Krispy Kreme regulars gathered for a whole night of donuts, coffee, and fun as Krispy Kreme held its Friends of Krispy Kreme Party at its 8th store at SM Mall of Asia last night, the one near SM Science Discovery Center. Before Krispy Kreme even arrived in Manila shores, it has already been much talked-about and raved about. In fact, boxes of Krispy Kreme goodies have been in most of the pabili lists before they opened its first-ever store in Bonifacio High Street. Now that's in Manila, it continues to be an ever-so-popular hit that even non-donut eaters are growing addicted to it.

So here's what welcomed me in the party:

A GC that entitled me to 2 donuts and coffee of my choice as well as a surprise free gift that I'll be getting at the end of the program. I got to the counter and ordered the 2 donuts and coffee of my choice (decaf!). And what do you know what else they had in store?

A free box of half-dozen original glazed donuts! Krispy Kreme sure loves us!

I also had a chat with Mark Gamboa, the marketing manager of Krispy Kreme who was there to oversee the event. "We havent already turned 2 years and we are already in our 8th store and way beyond our target". That's a good plus too. And also continuing to give out original glazed donuts when the red light is on and also having free wi-fi. "I am also a Wi-Fi user," he states. "Free Wifi is something that is in. A lot of our guests bring their laptop and stay. Just as we share our Hot original Glazed, why not share this too?" True enough, in this digital age, there are quite a number of us who are glued at the hip with the computer. For students who would like to cram on their thesis or research or internet fanatics, Krispy Kreme will continue their free Wi-Fi Service! More blog posts live at Krispy Kreme perhaps?

Here's another treat:

The shower cap on my hair is actually a protective hat since I was also lucky enough to be given a tour of their kitchen and witness how they make their hot original glazed donuts and other varieties. The hat is to maintain cleanliness in the surroundings. The tour guide was none other than Mr. Ronnie L. Esteban, general manager of Krispy Kremes who posed for a photo-op:

And here are the ever-so-friendly crew!

He showed me how the equipment and how the dough is cut, processed, fried, and run through the glaze curtain and then cooled just to the right temperature (warm enough but not too hot that it would burn you). It was cool how the machine is perfectly engineered and calculated so each donut has the same, perfect consistency. Quality control at its finest! Each donut is fresh and they make sure that after 8 hours, all unsold donuts are thrown away. I also saw that everything they use here, the ingredients are all real. Real chocolate, real blueberry pie filling, real graham, real cream cheese - nothing fake. I also saw how OC Krispy Kremes was with quality control and sanitary procedures so each donut isn't just yummy but 100% clean.

Ooooh and here's how they make a New York Cheesecake Donut!

Isn't that filling-injector so cool and so precise?

I really enjoyed my kitchen tour. I also learned a new thing: that they don't use animal fat to fry their donuts but vegetable shortening, which is healthier.

The event finished as the partygoers got another round of half-dozen original glazed donuts and a free T-shirt by Team Manila.

Thesugarbug is sugar-high... :-) Thank you Krispy Kreme!

The Krispy Kreme drive-thru and coffee shop at Mall of Asia officially opens this September 5, 2008!

(okay... please look at the modeling pictures again so you could see that I'm not a retard :-} )