Large Means Large

Friday, June 19, 2009

This is how big the new large fries are:

And for a fry-lover like me, I couldn't finish them :P

Thai Silk Sampaguita Sorbet : Interestingly Sweet

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

One rainy night, for a change and since I wanted something to rid me of any cough before they start, thai cuisine was the way to go. I wanted something sweet so I checked out the dessert menu. I chose sampaguita sorbet, which was quite interesting. I mean I'm familiar with the flower seeing it hung on leis during church every Sunday but I never actually thought of it as a dessert flavor.

Actually it was a choice between this or durian ice cream. I chose this. Those who know me full well know this.
Don't expect this to be creamy though like ice cream. It's actually more of like fine ice shavings sweetened with sugar with the taste of sampaguita. The taste? Quite interesting and exotic. It does remind me of the flower's scent for some reason. A hidden joke is that it tastes like the air freshener. Not that I munch on the air freshener though...
(Sampaguita Sorbet available at Thai Silk restaurant at Serendra)

Oishi Gourmet Picks as a Pre-Dinner Snack

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

No rice for a week. Hunger pangs strike. I needed my carb fix and I needed something (quite) unhealthy and here's what I found in the grocery:

I was passing by the grocery since I wanted some chips and I saw this. It was roughly around Php45.00 and the pack was big so I was like... a big bag of chips for a low price.

I expected a full bag though but when I opened it....

ay.... :-

Nevertheless, taste-wise it was okay. And it's even got Nori bits.

I like too that it wasn't too salty or oily. The wasabi flavor also didn't burn my senses or nostrils. But then again, I love Japanese food and wasabi so I was munching along. I'm still fooled by the packaging though, but I like the taste nevertheless.