Not Just Makeup!

Monday, June 2, 2008

Hey all! Notice the title, since I didn't use the usual "welcome" as title. Most of you know me since I blog here, and if you read that regularly, it consists of lipsticks, shopping, and all things girly. Anyway, this is a pretty new blog that I created for people who might want to know more about a very basic necessity, which is food. I figured the topic on food and restaurants might be a little out of place in a makeup/beauty blog so why not create one of my own? After all, we all need food, whatever might happen.

Aside from makeup, I'm a food addict, and that picture is proof that I am.

So why start a food blog aside from my other vast websites- makeup blog, online makeup portfolio, Multiply account, Friendster, MySpace, LiveJournal, etc. (what I do lack is a FaceBook account, and I don't plan on starting one soon) which practically made my mark in cyberspace? Well, here's why:

To finally get myself into the kitchen and start cooking. I used to have this spurt to get my hands onto the kitchen with pots and pans but somehow I always get lazy to.
To review restos and food that I might find nice during my food trips, whether it be a chi-chi resto or a little snackbar or the best taho in the world or what-not
To share recipes I discovered - something quick and simple.

Take note that all my recipes that I'll share here are easy. I still have to get my hands on how to make good kare-kare or sinigang. But yeah... I think this will do.

So you see, everyone, there's more to me than just makeup. Oh yeah, in case that this blog may find you getting a tad heavier, click here or here on how to beat that bulge or at least camouflage it. :P

Oh yes... I still love makeup. :)