Affordable Buffet at Poquito Mas

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Every Friday and Saturday if I want a robust buffet that would not break the bank, I'll go to this place....

The literal translation would be "A Little More". This quaint Mexican restaurant is located at West Gate in Alabang. Since we both wanted something Mexican, we went here. The usual programmed order was a couple of fajitas. I saw the buffet platter but here's the thing, I usually associate "buffet" with "expensive and an excuse to pig out and be guilty after just to get your money's worth".

The waiter asked us, "Would you like to try the buffet?" I decided against it but when we were told it was Php 199, we were like sure! I even had to ask the waiter, what's the catch for the Php199 All-you-can eat buffet or if there are any hidden charges. He assured me there was none and just enjoyed our meal.

I think I had like double servings of mexican seafood soup, mini-burritos, cheese macaroni, enchiladas, and taco pizzas. I especially loved the chili corn, which I had mucho servings of. I asked how come the buffet was so cheap (don't expect a smorgasboard though, like hotels. It's just like 3 tables long, but all worth it since we could keep going back), and the waiter replied they usually have this only on Fridays and Saturdays.

You know what I love about this type of Mexican food? They didn't go OA with the refried beans. Although I still pick out the beans from my quesadilla and chili, I still get my Mexican fix.

And remember my tip with buffets people! JUST ORDER WATER! You can have soda anytime. Soda and fruit juices will just fill you up with sugar. So to really enjoy the buffet water is the key. :D
The beef empanada (On top of the Chili Corn) reminds me of samosas. And their enchilada had the right amount of creaminess to it. The corn is just love. I love the spice it has.
Yep, we just would love to have a little more ofthis. :)