A BF Trip

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Southeners who are tired of the 3 malls in our area can try trooping down BF Paranaque for quaint treats. At the strip of Aguirre Ave in BF Paranaque are strips of gourmet restaurants and commercial restaurants, snack houses, cafes, etc. Some even offer free Wi-Fi. Right now, I'm at my favorite coffee place right here in the South blogging.

First up is dinner at A Vennetto restaurant. Makati goers know this pretty Italian place at Glorietta but we at South troop over to BF for per-slice gourmet pizza and pasta to share.

Here's a vegetarian treat: olive and garlic base sauce with mushrooms:

The taste was aokay. I like the mushrooms and how it was pure simplicity. Also, it was healthy

You can have a hero sandwich too, if you're hungry and if there's some left, take it with you.

yumm! Also, in A Venetto, you can order your pizza by the slice if you want to try just one. Since I have this huge bloat issue whenever I eat too much pizza, I order my usual seafood pizza and just feast on pasta.

Coffee is none other than at BoNa coffee, where I'm blogging right now. I'm right here at the flagship store in BF, enjoying free WiFi and this baby:

This is BoNa's bestseller and this is my first time to try it, considering I've been a BoNa client for quite a while. This is Kona mocha, and the coffee they used here is Kona, which is supposedly stronger. I can feel the kick but it's not as strong, but I'll know I'll have the energy to prep up for tomorrow's shoot.

Anyway, the reason why I only tried this now is that it's forever out-of-stock. When I found out that they had it and I've heard great reviews about it, I ordered a mezzo (Php135) and I was not dissapointed. The dark chocolate shavings on top are another treat!

Apparently, I'm right here in BoNa, enjoying free WiFi and sipping my Kona Mocha. <3!

Now I know why a wholelotta bloggers love this place as well, especially the southeners!

The South does have hidden treasures, even if it's a far off place. :-)

The weekend's almost ending. Enjoy the rest of it!