A Beach Vacay Idea

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Whenever you're out going for a vacation, if you want hassle-less meals, head over to Monterey or SM for pre-marinated meats that you can buy per kilo at an affordable price. Then, all you have to do is fry/grill/ 'em up. No need to bring additional bottles of sauces that could spill!

I was chatting with my friend and he was asking me what else would we bring for food for our beach shoot/trip. My mind immediately shot up suggesting "SPAGHETTI!" but when i found out how hassle it could be, remembered during one out-of-town trip where we were served pre-marinated barbecue and it turned out good. So i suggested to go to Monterey and buy pre-mixed meats that we can just cook in our destination

That's barbecue and korean beef plus rice. It was served with a siding of tomatoes, onions, and salted egg (not shown). It took I think less than 30 minutes to prepare or prolly a little more. But still, it does give you more time to have fun in the sun 'no? :)