Yum Yum At Bistro Filipino

Friday, December 12, 2008

At the 7,100 Tastes event at Bistro Filipino, I had the pleasure of dining in style fusion Filipino food. That means... our own native Pinoy food gets a sossy twist:

Take my appetizer of a spicy sisig basket with a shot of quail egg:

And these shots of soup to warm my tummy

From L to R:
Adobo Shiitake Mushroom Puree Topped with Creamy Garlic Foam Drizzled with White Truffle Oil
Oven Roasted Pumpkin and Eggplant Pure Garnishes with Crispy Okra (that wasn't grossly textured..take note!), and a Dollop of Shrimp Paste Cream
Beef Consomme Garnished with Fresh Corn, Carrots, and Potato Croquette Stuffed with Beef and Cabbage

My personal favorite is the adobo shiitake mushroom puree, having that interesting meat taste and it not being too heavy. The pumpkin and eggplant soup had a similar taste to pakbet. The shrimp paste (bagoong in our native terms) is actually made from scratch and they don't get the prebottled ones. They make it fresh using the freshest alamang they find in the market.

For my dose of salad veggies I had Mesclun Salad Tossed in Dijon Shrimp Paste Vinaigrette topped with Dried, Green, and Ripe Mangoes, Tomatoes, and Cashew Crusted Kesong Puti

Mangoes go well with bagoong, which they incorporated to the vinaigrette, which was quite spicy. I asked what gave its spicy flavor, and according to Chef Laudico, this was due to the Dijon mustard. The kesong puti was very firm and the nutty flavor made it more interesting.

Just as we were about to be served the main course, we were given an Intermezzo course, which was supposed to prepare us for the main course by cleansing the palate. Here we had a shot of Tamarind Granite, which was good ol' sampaloc juice frozen and thawed to a slushy consistency that is quite refreshing. Think sampaloc juice without the sugar. Just one shot.

We had two main courses (wheee!) The seafood course was one that I enjoyed, which was Lapu-lapu and prawns in coco-lambanog sauce, coriander, asparagus, and fennel cherry tomato sofrito brown rice with sun-dried mangoes served warm on a warm plate. The fish was flaky and practically melted in the mouth. I love how the shrimp had already been pre-peeled to avoid any wa-poise hipon-peeling incidents.

The meat course was Crusted Wagyu Beef Filled Cashew-Humba Sauce with vegetable barbecue (cookied in the way Inasal cooks used to do it) and sweet potato mash. The beef was cooked to medium doneness but it could be requested to be cooked according to your liking.

To prepare us for the dessert of mango canonigo (a dessert similar to brazo de mercedes,which was egg white + caramel and mangoes) and pili sansrival, we were given a cheese course, with a sweet-salty flavor to prep us up. THe kesong puti was firm enough not to crumble to pieces, something I'm quite particular about

Finally dessert! And for wine, I chose mango wine, which was sweet with a bit of kick. YummM!1!!