And the Panda Brings Me Food

Monday, January 26, 2009

When I saw this place, I couldn't help but try it during my weekly pedicure:

That's Panda Mein plain noodles (Php22.00) at Starmall Las PiƱas. If you love instant pancit canton, this you'll love more since:

1) It's less unhealthy and it fits the budget.
2) Add 2 pesos you could make it soup
3) It goes with a variety of dimsum (add 8-10 pesos for dimsum of choice)4) There are a wide variety of sauces to choose and mix-and-match

Im complaining though that the servings are small that i could wolf it down in 15 minutes. Maybe I could get two orders during my really hungry days yes? It's quite popular already in my area and it's a shame that I only discovered it now. Well, better late than never.

Looks like I got a new I'm-bored-and-I-want-food favorite. :)