Oishi Gourmet Picks as a Pre-Dinner Snack

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

No rice for a week. Hunger pangs strike. I needed my carb fix and I needed something (quite) unhealthy and here's what I found in the grocery:

I was passing by the grocery since I wanted some chips and I saw this. It was roughly around Php45.00 and the pack was big so I was like... a big bag of chips for a low price.

I expected a full bag though but when I opened it....

ay.... :-

Nevertheless, taste-wise it was okay. And it's even got Nori bits.

I like too that it wasn't too salty or oily. The wasabi flavor also didn't burn my senses or nostrils. But then again, I love Japanese food and wasabi so I was munching along. I'm still fooled by the packaging though, but I like the taste nevertheless.


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trina said...

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