Hi-Tech Dining at Sango!

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Restaurants have their own different features to attract customers - organized systems, one-of-a-kind fusion food, something to tame the kids, interiors, the list goes on and on. One burger joint stood out during a resto adventure, not due to the menu but because, it's a high tech restaurant. Although I'm not much of a techie (my computer knowledge is just Photoshop, upload, download, surf, etc, no gigabyte mumbo-jumbo or the like. I'm a girl that way), this resto sure did surprise me.

Sango! had a branch along Milelong in Amorsolo and also a branch at Alabang, near Westgate. But since I came from Mike's at Bel-Air and he had to go to Rockwell for an errand, he dropped me off Shu Uemura for me to visit EJ and have a chat with Ms. Mari then dinnertime at Sango!
Looks like your ordinary fastfood joint? Uhm... not quite. This is Japanese with rice burgers, wasabe burgers, green tea milk shakes, and the like. Of course like any other fast food joint, it had the traditional counter people. Amusing, like an ATM machine. I just hope makeup counters do not have this apparatus or we'll be losing jobs too.

But hey, what's the fun in that when they have an automated touch-screen machine that takes your order, processes it, and even dispenses change when you pay in cash.
Just a note: please get your receipt after or else the next person in line will curse you because when the machine dispenses their receipt, it sorta eats up the paper and the natural, organized trend of movement will be interrupted. Not good.

I kept dinner light with hot dog on a stick and master fries. I'm not a ketchup fan with my hotdog so I opted for mustard. My big surprise too, was the mustard was actually... Wasabi based. Wiiii!

Pikachu and friends do like my master fries too. Fries with chilli and block slices of cheese. The Pokemon book actually came from the mini-library of Manga and Japanese books, along with the usual newspapers. Cute! Sorry boys, I didn't get to see Sailor Moon, maybe in the other branches.
I like the Milk Tea drink too. It tasted natural instead of like coming from the powder packs. Authentic and brewed and good for the lactose intolerant. With me forever pounding pavement and studios by being coerced to teet around in 5-inch stilettos on occassions, I need calcium too. Oh, and it was refreshing. Next time I'll try green tea as well, another drink I've been a fan of.

I just had to take a picture of these controls when I visited the loo. I remember my good friend Lenard, who's currently based in Japan, who told me about their high-tech toilet at home, which controls the toilet seat temperature, water flow, flush, bidet, squirts, stuff like that. Take a look at these controls:
There was no button on the toilet to flush it. all is in that keypad with the controls, and the seat is heated. There's even air circulation control. I don't believe it (expect a long line at the loo here, because I couldn't figure out the controls. Unggoy.)
Prices? definitely reasonable. Alot like Php250 per person on the average, depending on the order you're getting. Maybe next time when I've mastered the controls on the toilet, I'll blog that too, to minimize the long line on the bathroom that I could have created.