Hello Red Cups!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

When Starbucks changes their traditional white paper cups to red, it signals one thing, that it's sticker collecting time! While at Glorietta a few weeks ago, I chanced upon the snowflake glass etchings at the Starbucks stores, signaling the return of the planner. Although I don't follow trends or go where everyone goes (I don't watch Glee, I don't play Facebook games, and I'm not keeping tabs on the Pacquiao-Cotto fight right now), this is one trend I do follow since I've always liked the Starbucks planner where I write down my appointments or discovered Youtube tutorials.

Anyhoo, a trivia I found out is that it's only here in Manila that they have the Starbucks planner program. Although the drinks are available also internationally, we can't collect stickers there like we do here.

And on for the drinks:
Last year's Dark Cherry Mocha still is here but Praline Mocha has been replaced with an old favorite... Peppermint Mocha, which took a break last year. Erika and I were sad that it wasn't in last year's roster of drinks but now, I'm glad it's here. Actually, it's what I've been ordering everytime I'm there, and obviously, with my face right smack on its picture, it's been my favorite. I order it this way - short (or tall), hot, decaf nonfat, no whipped cream with sugar sprinkles please. The mint flavor is smooth rather than shocking cold, so I could have it as an after-dinner drink. The two other flavors, since these are richer, I order with no cream. The sweet buttery flavor of Toffee Nut Latte is a good morning drink, while I reserve Dark Cherry Mocha in the afternoon or again, for an all-nighter shoot.

This year's planner is just like last year, in terms of bulk. I found the leather-bound planner too bulky to fit in my already bulky bag. This one is slimmer, although they come in just one color. Oh, and they have coupons too. Yay for the coupons again!

The coffee bean and coffee ground covers in macro settings caught my eye, since my photography is mostly macro.

I just wish they had grids, though because I can't write in a super straight line.

But hey, at least I could do more abstract cubisms while I'm bored.

I'm almost quarter-filled with filling up my sticker book. However, since it was started early, there might be time for a second one. A friend of mine already had two. :)