Fun, Chika, and Healthy Yogurt with My Friends at Red Mango

Thursday, December 3, 2009

I was feeling quite pissed one Saturday since another client flaked out on me (gawd, don't you just hate it when that happens?). Anyway, so taking solace in food, I remembered that two of my dearest friends Bugsy and Jho were meeting up in Greenbelt, so I made habol to meet them. From pigging out in two platefuls of green chicken curry, I dashed off to Greenbelt after their movie. Anyway, guess where we had dessert? Red Mango.

It was really great catching up since I rarely see these people as Bugsy's been busy with school. And why Red Mango well.... this is why:

Jho happens to be the endorser of the place so full support! Actually, I happen to already love frozen yogurt before the craze started. For one thing, I'm lactose intolerant, but I need the calcium and probiotics and I want something healthy than something that would put more inches in my thighs. EEEK!

Anyhow, here's Bugsy and Jho before I came. I was dashing there in get-the-hell-out-of-my-way speed as it was a Saturday night.

I guess they were bored. Hahaha but once I was there it was nonstop chika, bashing, and catching up. Although they were done with their yogurt, I wolfed down my green tea yogurt with mochi, dark chocolate chips, and blueberries.

I know I've been getting skinnier now, my food blog being less active lately since I food trip less due to work and duties. I actually prefer the green tea variety of yogurt as it's less tart than the plain one. I chose sweet toppings so they compensate the little tart it has. Honey is another healthy option that I recommend but I already had chocolate here so better there.

A picture too with the endorser. Can't you tell that my friends and I love pictures even at our pigging-out moments?

I actually like the branch here at Greenbelt since its location makes it less crowded on weekdays. I'm usually my "hanging out" mode in the mall on weekdays as I don't like a heavy crowd. It's kinda out of the way though, and guess what? It's near Chimara, so there's more urge to eat healthy. Hehehehe.

After I ate, Jho had to go since she had a dinner to go to. We bade her goodbye then Bugsy and I did a lot of catching up (I haven't seen him since our bridal shoot) and I ate a sackful of fries before we had to part.

I guess I was no longer pissed that day, seeing my friends even for only a short time.