Tipco 100% Juices Are Healthy Veggies In A Glass

Friday, July 2, 2010

Vegetables are food I've never had problems with developing a certain liking in them at an early age. I said that the only thing that could stop me from going vegan is a plate of sashimi or grilled seafood. On the other hand, I'm quite picky with fruits. I've been traumatized with prunes and papaya back then, next to beans. Don't ask. Won't tell.

My first experience with veggie juices was really from scratch, straight from the juicer. It was interesting for me yet quite tiresome. Juicing was a chore per se and the effort of cleaning was indeed a lot.

My best friend has then been juice straight from the bottle or pack, which although tasted good, had a bit of chemical tweaking as a preservative.

When I got the invitation to the launch of TIPCO JUICES, I was interested to try another healthy drink. Apparently, this brand has been around for quite some time and now they're launching a few new cool flavors.

When I got there, the first I tried was purple carrot. Why? Because it looked like a fun veggie and I didn't know that purple carrots existed. Apparently, they have fivw times more health benefits than the conventional orange carrots.

The deep color reminded me of an opaque wine. Taste was refreshing and fruity and not too tart.

After that, I wanted to try the blend of veggie juices. I was thinking pureed salad but the taste was just as good. The color didn't scare me as a deep green thick juice but it was orange. It was refreshing as well and it didn't gag me. If you know someone who wants to add veggies to their diet but have veggie trauma, this ought to do.

Speaking of green juices, I was intrigued at their bestseller, which happened to be broccoli juice. Yes, you read that right - BROCCOLI. A veggie currently seen mixed with mushrooms and beef in oyster sauce, would you believe it's now a juice? And the bestseller apparently. Interesting.
See? I told you I'm not kidding you. Broccoli juice does exist. Apparently, this also was sweet and the taste reminded me of fruit roll-ups. I asked what the fiber bits were on the juice. It was actually vegetable fiber. So nothing artificial here.

Tipco 100% Juice is all-natural with no added chemicals, preservatives, sugar, or colorings. That's why we were advised to consume it 3 days after opening and to keep the tetra pack chilled in the ref. They're currently #1 in Thailand and are now available in the Philippines in leading supermarkets.

So I was wondering, how come the veggie juices don't taste like vegetable in liquid form? The thing was, they also blend it with fruit juices (which are also healthy by the way, any one with aversion to certain fruits could take this too). In this case, the broccoli juice has tomato, grape, kiwi, apple, orange, pineapple, and green tea powder incorporated in it.

I also found out that children and toddlers could also take in this too, but not the aloe vera variety. I think it's a good way to introduce children to have the healthy habit of including fruits and vegetables in their diet.

Aside from the delicious and refreshing juices, here's also what we were offered:

Healthy lunch courtesy of Icings restaurant (I ate the zucchini. oops!)

I was addicted to munching on these Mornflakes, a healthier alternative to sugar-ladden cereal. It's normally eaten with milk (soy in my case) but munching on it dry is addicting too. I'll probably pack on some of these since I'm out to go to work later.

The taste was like apple pie.

Tipco 100% Juices are available in all leading groceries and are available in 22 different variants. They come in 1 liter and 200-mL packs.


ladyyy said...

I love their carrot juice and spinach juice.:)

niel malan said...

I love the carrot, celery and tomato one. Tast great

niel malan said...

I also have a blog on my side if anyone want to check it out. I hope you don't mind if I add my link below. I am an English teacher in Thailand.