My Japanese Fix By The Bay

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Being a fan of Japanese food and not having any adverse reaction to seafood unless you say it's sea urchin, which I hardly do eat since it's quite hard to find, whenever I'm in a Japanese restaurant, you guess what I order and it does not come in a big bowl of steaming rice....

I order the sushi/maki/sashimi name it...

So when we got in Rai Rai Ken at Harbor View, I wanted my fix of raw fish but unfortunately their sushi platters are just bank-breaking

I however, found a nice meal for less than 200 bucks

Unless I'm in any mood to splurge with the humongous sushi platter or have someone to split the bill with, this would do. Presenting my new Rai Rai Ken staple - the Salmon-Maki Bento which contains the usual vegetable sidings, rice, 3 pieces of California maki (I already ate one) And salmon teriyaki oh, and iced tea for Php180. Niiiice one since I get my seafood fix, my sushi fix, and it's not too heavy on the stomach or the pocket.

In fact, I still got room for FIC green tea ice cream right after. :)