Recipe By Accident

Monday, June 16, 2008

Some good recipes come by accident. During my birthday dinner, this was supposed to be the pasta: Pesto with Penne and Bolognese spaghetti but I decided to do a switcharoo to make the Bolognese the penne and spaghetti the pesto. But big mistake again when I saw that the bolognese did not look magazine-styling worthy so here's what I did:

I decided... why not bake the baby up? So I baked it and added parmesan, mozzarella, and cheddar cheese and seasoned with Italian seasoning, fresh basil, and pizza seasoning and baked on the oven. Instant hit! The sauce? I just sauteed ground beef in butter, onions, and mushrooms, poured in tomate sauce, and spaghetti sauce, and seasoned with i think salt, sugar, herbs, a knorr beef cube, and water to slightly thin until I get the taste I liked. Very easy!

Turns out it became the hit... and this is not my tried-and-tested recipe. Yeah dahlings, accidents can happen for a good reason.

Uy! Original Recipe ito ah!


number cruncher said...

Can't wait to taste the baked Bolognese! sana may tira pa... :D

thesugarbug said...

meron yan. :) if not i will guard it from weenapooh