Oh Thai!

Sunday, June 29, 2008

While blog-surfing I managed to chance upon a review on Wild Ginger @ the Powerplant mall and being a Thai/Asian food fanatic I chose Wild Ginger to serve the Saturday Night dinner.

Since I came from a shoot being hungry, I wanted a "buffer" so my stomach won't be shocked so I ordered Asian Tomato Soup (Php 80.00). At first I was intrigued by how it could be "Asian" when I always associate tomato soup with Italian dishes and Minestrone but when I tasted it, it tasted like Tom Yum Soup without the shrimp and mushrooms and this was a bit thicker and spicier with a bit of cilantro in it.

Chicken Satay is always a staple and I really liked how the meat was cooked just right and the satay sauce having that distinct peanut-y taste. I just found the sauce too bitin. The chicken satay is already good for 2 so you could split the order as well. For some weird reason, rice was not in the menu but our server mentioned the variety of rice flavors available. We chose Jasmine Rice, a yellow rice with a distinct herbal taste (plain rice we could have anywhere, but jasmine yellow rice, only here). It was a huge cup and yummy on its own. But really, you eat it with the satay.

Prices are reasonable as well. Since the servings are big, you could split a meal into two so it won't be too heavy on the stomach.

Bambi's tip: Order just house water. It's bottomless, it's free, and it's a great way to make tipid. :)


Sakai said...

something new to try:) thanks for the heads up