An Extended Birthday Treat

Monday, July 7, 2008

The Diamond Hotel seems to see a lot of me in my birthday. Aside from being my birthday cake supply (Had the Supermoist Cake), I finally used my lunch buffet for two complementary GC yesterday. I did all the reserving on Saturday afternoon, which was surprisingly easy because I thought, being a Sunday, the place would be jampacked with patrons. When we got there though, we had our table waiting for us. And after checking and appoving my GC... let the feast begin!

The Palm Court Cafe International buffet had rows of appetizers, food, and seafood that I always dream of eating. After breezing through the appetizer section, I helped myself to their selection of seafood and japanese food. You guys know I'm such a seafood lover so I devoured prawns, mussels, sushi, and fish to my heart's delight. And of course the star of my meal was:

This humongous crab that will scare the living daylights of non-seafood eaters but seafood lovers would eat with gusto. And since I had this baby all to myself, I wolfed it down in 30 minutes.

Dessert was just as scrumptious. I was reunited with the Supermoise cake, but I traded it for Le Royale instead and brazo de mercedes. Since I'm not a halo-halo fan, I made one of my own using leche flan, fruits, sago, and I topped it with chocolate and cream. YUMMM!!!!! I guess this is the longest lunch I had in my life, a 2-hour lunch that had to be capped of with a cup of tea. What "trick" I did so as to enjoy a buffet without feeling bloated is to go for variety instead of quantity. I put small amounts of food on my plate so I can sample a variety of treats. Also, I forgo rice (unless it's rice on my sushi) since that would stuff me more. Water too would be a better option to juice. And never go to a buffet in a super empty stomach. What I do is I do have a light breakfast so as not to overwhelm my tummy.

And the crew really was accomodating and they knew the meals well. I love how they cooked the crab. Yummm!!!!!!!! This would be fun too with friends as well, especially the seafood lovers like me