Italia at Seattle

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Seattle's Best Coffee has been the official meeting place whenever I have a photoshoot somewhere in the South. Usually, I arrive early so I have a little breakfast. I'm not a coffee drinker and since in shoots I sometimes forget to eat, so I use my down time to have my breakfast or brunch. Here's a favorite meal of mine:

At Php168.00 you get a plateful of pasta with two slices of toast. I got this kind, I forgot the name but it's got ham and bacon and tomato sauce in it (a friend please give me a heads-up on this). It leaves me full but not bloated and even with the meat content. Taste-wise it's alright. Not too sweet that there's no authentic flavor and not too spicy either. I'm not a fan of meat though, I still prefer their pesto. :-)
I just wish for more varieties like tomato-basil or tomato-garlic. :P