My Singaporean Healthy Fare

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

This is rice:

and spicy dilis and cucumber cooked just right. It's actually coconut rice without coconut milk and they used an MCT (mono-chain triglycerides) kind of coconut oil which contains lauric acid and healthier than conventional oils which make you fat.

I attended a Healthy Lifestyle Cooking Course at Tang City Glorietta last week conducted by Singaporean chef Lisa Leong. Here, she shows that healthy food does not mean bland or tasteless. "My son is a doctor, and he would say, 'Mom, what I save, please don't kill,' " she shares to the audience.

In her Dancing Singapore Laksa ( a spicy noodle soup popular in Singapore), she uses coconut oil products, particularl COCOS MCT Powder and SUPER COCO Virgin Coconut Oil, which "infuse a distinct flavor into my creations while also incresing their nutritional value, "she states.

I have never tried Singaporean Laksa before, but when I tasted it for the first time, it was really very spicy. It creeps up to you and I could really taste everything and there's a bit of creaminess of the coconut milk. When it's spicy it really is spicy!

And about the coconut oil, you can click here and I found another bonus use about it from Chef Lisa Leong.

As she demo-ed her recipes in her usual fun and quirky way, she would serve us the food samples and since they were so yummy, it's hard to believe they were healthy. My absolute favorite is the pandan cake, that was moist and baked just right it was hard to believe that she baked it from a rice cooker!

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