The Sugar Bug Visits Pepper Lunch

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Ahh... finally!

A bit late but nevertheless. When Pepper Lunch first opened here in Manila, Phoebe has been telling me to go there but I always postpone it since during that time, I was cramped up with shoots and my faculty position. Come after one shoot, I was deciding to eat there but it was bad timing because it was the annual Rockwell mid-year sale and the line was too long. I would have waited out the line but I was already seeing stars so I opted to do so on another time.

Anyway, last Saturday was Pepper Lunch day, and whaddya know... there is always a line, or crowd I must say.

So we got in line, and then someone asked us our orders and handed us this voucher thing (kind of like how fast foods are when the line is long). When we got to the counter, all we had to do was pay for the food and once we're near, someone already assigns us a seat. Systematic! I must say that the management does know how to manage huge crowds and hungry guests.

Oh, and there's a TV where you can see how the hot plate works so you know how to cook your meal. WITH SUBTITLES!

The things you do when you're bored. Heeheehee...

So once we got our orders. If you haven't paid attention to the TV, there are directions on the plate. And if you still were not able to see the directions, the Pepper Lunch staff are there to help you and give you suggestions on how to cook your have to mix it really, really really well until the flavors are all combined. The longer you mix, the more flavorful.

And add the sauce you wish (I chose honey brown sauce for my salmon pepper rice).

And voila! enjoy!

for an extra Php48.00, you could even double your meat intake. (Here's his version of double the beef pepper rice, with garlic sauce, and extra pepper!)

I must say I love the mingling of all the flavors together, how the butter mixes in with the meat, rice, and corn. The meat also melts in the mouth so you don't get tough and hard-to-chew stuff. I love the freshness of the flavor and how your meal hardly gets cold even if it's towards the end.

My comment actually speaks for itself about my overall review. Actually... I ran out of words to just stare at my plate. :D

(Pepper Lunch is located at the Powerplant Mall, right across Rustan's Fresh)


number cruncher said...

it's the shawl girl again!!! mwehehehehe! :P

Jeroen said...

Hi Bambi,

Thank you for eating at PL and thank you for blogging about our restaurant!

We just found our new location, it is at Shangri-la mall. If you want to be updated about everything related to PL please check here:

Hope to see you with us again soon :-)