A Taste of the Bay Area

Sunday, August 31, 2008

San Francisco happens to be one of my favorite cities and in my opinion, one of the most beautiful. I love looking at those Victorian houses and the picture windows. I love the cable car, the view of the ocean, and almost everything about it.

Food-wise, San Francisco has the best catch in seafood. I miss Pier 9 where I can have fresh clam chowder on the bread bowl and enjoy the sweets and chocolate-covered raisins. Fond memories of San Francisco aside from walking on the streets and the fresh air are also the quaint little food shops.

When SanFo Treats opened its new confectionery shop at Glorietta, I so wanted to try it. After a day of running errands with some side-shopping at the mall, I visited SanFo treats and got a Bay Area Sizzler, which happens to be soda right from a soda fountain flavored with your choice of syrup.

Since I'm in a pink phase since I just purchased my Hollywood Nights lipstick, I went for pink with Petal Berry flavored Bay Area Sizzler. It's actually strawberry with rose syrup. At Php 45.00 (Approximately US $1.00), you get this little treat to refresh you after being tired of walking on the mall and breaking in your new shoes. I actually found it refreshing, and the rose flavor is, well, interesting. It's fascinating, really, and it had this exotic appeal.

I also like the ambiance of the store, the candy-colored interiors and display of San Francisco souvenirs, tour maps, and memorabilla. It makes me want to go back there again. Well, if I can't go to San Francisco, I can stop by this store.

They've also got chocolate bananas for Php 40.00, Sundaes, caramel apples (my friend suggests to have them sliced first), banana splits, and this treat for the super-sweet toothed:

DEEP FRIED TWINKIEEEES for Php 140 (Approximately US $3.11). Will post a review/feature on this. I already tried it yesterday. *buuurp*

Looks like the coffee shops in Glorietta won't be seeing me for a while. :-)