After-work Lunch

Thursday, August 28, 2008

My very late lunch last Monday was something I've been craving for so long....
Remember how much I love Pancake House Spaghetti? Well, here it is! I took a picture of it before I forget. The last time, I ate them all without taking a picture.

This is something I can never get enough of. That's just the regular size but had I been very hungry, I would have ordered a large.

Oh, and this was my drink/dessert:

I needed this for I haven't had Pancake House Strawberry Milkshake since I was a kid (seriously!). I dunno what ice cream they use but it was friendly for my lactose-intolerant tummy!

I just love their desserts too, maybe before an event instead of an uber expensive coffee shop, I can stop by this place for a kiddie-like treat?

Plus add the fact that it was a 2:30 pm lunch and my last meal was 7 AM. I needed this foodie fest bad.
Right now, I'm craving for Panda Express orange chicken. While I can't hop on the next flight to San Francisco so I can have a taste of my favorite Panda Express at the Bay Area, I'm searching for the perfect orange chicken recipe. Hmmm........


u8mypinkc00kies said...

i like their blueberry and choco chip pancakes... the honestyle bangus too!!! :D