Make-Your-Own-Pizza Night, An Event that Not Even Floods Could Stop

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Despite the typhoon howling and the rains pouring, I received an SMS from the event organizing stating that rain or shine, this event would push through-- with great relief as I am halfway my way to Makati... on public transportation as no cab wanted to brave the floods.

At Buendia, the flood was horrendous my usual 45-minute journey on a good, low-peak day became a 2-1/2 hour journey. Buendia was really flooded and the bus had to turn off the airconditioning just to save gas. As the crowd was packing in and the traffic not moving I went down - by this time, the bus has reached Ayala) at Herrera and walked to Glorietta - in 3-inch pointed boots! By that time, I was supposed to meet photographer and new blogger, Marc. I told him I'll meet him at Skin Food, the one near Lacoste. My bad, I forgot there are 2 Lacoste stores in Glorietta, walking again in those killer heels. So I met him in the one near Marks and Spencer and we proceeded to CPK.

I was expecting everyone to be late due to the rains but the function room was packed. But nevertheless, everyone was there and I proceeded to greet AJ a happy birthday!

No one dared to miss Make-Your-Own Pizza Day, where bloggers were tasked to make their own favorite CPK Pizza

"It does not have to be perfect!" was what we were told (although in the CPK kitchen, they make theirs perfect!). Here's a trivia: The ever-so-famous BBQ chicken pizza does not have an ounce of tomato sauce. They use barbecue sauce, cheeses. onions, barbecue grilled chicken, and some cilantro on top. Yumm!

Bloggers were then tasked to make their own pizza with the CPK chefs guiding them. What I love about California Pizza Kitchen is that they're so creative about their pizza. Maybe I can get creative at home with my version from the tips I learned from the event. :)

The crust...

The fillings (under yellow light)

And we also munched on our munchies:

I crush the Sesame Ginger Chicken Dumplings

These babies won Rico's and Marc's appetite.
(Baja Chicken Tortilla Spring Rolls)

The picture was cropped as our makeshift "reflector" (i.e. a white dinner plate) was peeking through. :P Marc's idea of using it as a reflector to brighten the look.

Spotted also in the blogger events are cute KE couple Gary and Jill, who I paused for a bit of chika. I haven't seen these guys since the Carlos Celdran tour we attended. I also paused for a chat with model Vanessa Pastor-Ledesma, who was there as her husband...

RJ Ledesma was the host . He's as witty and funny as he is on his column as he is hosting. :)

Fun Fun Night! I've always been a CPK fan and our family loves having gatherings there. It's kid-friendly too! And if you're a grownup, have a cocktail. I recommend the pina colada! :)