My Carboload at MoA

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Hey all! To load me up on my photoshoot week, I've loaded up on these babies:

White hat yogurt. I tried three toppings and whaddya know, they've got additional toppings. I wanted strawberry, peach, and cheesecake but I really missed pumpkin pie so when i saw pumpkin pie I was like... I can have cheesecake any day but never pumpkin pie!

Then i passed by Krispy Kremes and seeing that the red light was on, indulged on donuts...

I bought also some coffee and had some donuts too. :)

Since it was already a whole load of carbs, I went on high protein and uber light. :D

Jatujak Tom Yum Soup. :) Warms my tummy and it's a bit spicy!
Anyone care to share their week-starter food trippings?