A COOL Treat: Cold Rock Express in Alabang Town Center

Monday, September 22, 2008

I have not been to ATC a long, long time I guess. When I did yesterday, I went all giddy and hyper when I saw this at the Activity Center:

Finally! There's Cold Rock here in the South. No longer do I have to go all the way to GB3 when I'm craving for DIY ice cream.

fter a carb-loaded lunch at Brookyn Pizza, we proceded to Cold Rock for my long-awaited treat.

Carbs again but it's a Sunday, and I'm in for a treat!

The rainbow of ice cream flavors is very welcoming. I had a hard time choosing. One of my favorite staples is choco mint ice cream but I wanted something different.

Choosing toppings was harder too... cookie dough? too heavy. gummy bears? yumm but naaah. Pound cake? Marshmallows? Cold Rock sprinkles? Strawberries? Gooseberries? Omigod, I can't make up my mind

So we settled for a Kiddie Cup of our choice of one ice cream plus 2 fillings (Php 165, but good enough for 2 people)

ferrero ice cream + choco mallows + fudge brownies

So they mix it in this stone slab that's regulated up to a cold temperature (you can see "frosts" forming that they clear out each time they have to mix ice cream and fillings). Ohhh... so that's how the name "Cold Rock" came to be. The kiosk setup is just hard to manage when there's a large crowd (expect that with families and barkadas). However, the crew, despite that it was a Sunday and there were 3 families and a couple ahead of us... they managed to deliver quite well all permutations of ice cream flavors.

Here you go yum yum yum!

Super compact ice cream. Nothing extended or fake. Plus each time I get to visit Cold Rock, I get to have a new experience each time. I can create my own flavors and get all crazy with the toppings or try a different ice cream flavor. I hardly even look at the suggested combos because I always like making my own.

For those in the South who want to know where the Cold Rock Express kiosk is, it's located in the Activity Center near California Pizza Kitchen and the kiddie carousel.


Crissy said...

Thanks for sharing this :) Your combination sounds tempting!

But from experience, I do not recommend gummy worms. They harden when it's mixed with ice cream, making it rock hard (not gummy).