A Very Sweet Krispy Kreme Party

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Oooohhh what does this mean?

And this?

That means ....

there is a new Krispy Kreme drive-in and walk-in store at Mall Of Asia!

Donut-and-coffee lovers and Krispy Kreme regulars gathered for a whole night of donuts, coffee, and fun as Krispy Kreme held its Friends of Krispy Kreme Party at its 8th store at SM Mall of Asia last night, the one near SM Science Discovery Center. Before Krispy Kreme even arrived in Manila shores, it has already been much talked-about and raved about. In fact, boxes of Krispy Kreme goodies have been in most of the pabili lists before they opened its first-ever store in Bonifacio High Street. Now that's in Manila, it continues to be an ever-so-popular hit that even non-donut eaters are growing addicted to it.

So here's what welcomed me in the party:

A GC that entitled me to 2 donuts and coffee of my choice as well as a surprise free gift that I'll be getting at the end of the program. I got to the counter and ordered the 2 donuts and coffee of my choice (decaf!). And what do you know what else they had in store?

A free box of half-dozen original glazed donuts! Krispy Kreme sure loves us!

I also had a chat with Mark Gamboa, the marketing manager of Krispy Kreme who was there to oversee the event. "We havent already turned 2 years and we are already in our 8th store and way beyond our target". That's a good plus too. And also continuing to give out original glazed donuts when the red light is on and also having free wi-fi. "I am also a Wi-Fi user," he states. "Free Wifi is something that is in. A lot of our guests bring their laptop and stay. Just as we share our Hot original Glazed, why not share this too?" True enough, in this digital age, there are quite a number of us who are glued at the hip with the computer. For students who would like to cram on their thesis or research or internet fanatics, Krispy Kreme will continue their free Wi-Fi Service! More blog posts live at Krispy Kreme perhaps?

Here's another treat:

The shower cap on my hair is actually a protective hat since I was also lucky enough to be given a tour of their kitchen and witness how they make their hot original glazed donuts and other varieties. The hat is to maintain cleanliness in the surroundings. The tour guide was none other than Mr. Ronnie L. Esteban, general manager of Krispy Kremes who posed for a photo-op:

And here are the ever-so-friendly crew!

He showed me how the equipment and how the dough is cut, processed, fried, and run through the glaze curtain and then cooled just to the right temperature (warm enough but not too hot that it would burn you). It was cool how the machine is perfectly engineered and calculated so each donut has the same, perfect consistency. Quality control at its finest! Each donut is fresh and they make sure that after 8 hours, all unsold donuts are thrown away. I also saw that everything they use here, the ingredients are all real. Real chocolate, real blueberry pie filling, real graham, real cream cheese - nothing fake. I also saw how OC Krispy Kremes was with quality control and sanitary procedures so each donut isn't just yummy but 100% clean.

Ooooh and here's how they make a New York Cheesecake Donut!

Isn't that filling-injector so cool and so precise?

I really enjoyed my kitchen tour. I also learned a new thing: that they don't use animal fat to fry their donuts but vegetable shortening, which is healthier.

The event finished as the partygoers got another round of half-dozen original glazed donuts and a free T-shirt by Team Manila.

Thesugarbug is sugar-high... :-) Thank you Krispy Kreme!

The Krispy Kreme drive-thru and coffee shop at Mall of Asia officially opens this September 5, 2008!

(okay... please look at the modeling pictures again so you could see that I'm not a retard :-} )


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