How Thesugarbug Spent Her Halloween

Monday, November 3, 2008

Met up with my good friends Jovy and Yeoh and after walking from Makati Med to Paseo Center to Insular Life for a good lunch at Jollibee guess where we went to for dessert?

which, we walked!

Just in time for Halloween, the place was decorated with orange and black balloons plus their Halloween donuts were there. Also, since most of Makati's population were crunched back at their cubicles, we had the place very much to ourselves!

That's us with our donuts! Yep... it's fun being a kid once again, paper hats and all.

Since it was Halloween, kids were there in costumes and all to go trick-0r-treating. It was cute seeing these kids in their costumes go around getting badges, loot bags, and a free donut. I spotted fairies, little gouhls, angels, animals, disney princesses, and a little Mickey Mouse caught our eye with his big brother dressing up as Green Arrow and Big Sister as Cleopatra, with cat's eyes.

The kids even went to our table to introduce themselves and describe their costumes.

After which, we went to Glorietta to check out stuff and saw more children in costumes, even babies in carriages were not spared... they were dolled up one way or the other, which I found amusing.
I'm glad Halloween is picking up here in Manila. A few decades ago, trick or treating wasn't just the thing and I found out about trick or treating only when I was in third grade and only one village had trick-or-treating. Now it's in malls, whether SM or Ayala Mall, and restos give halloween promos.
Now if only grownups can still be in costume... :) Prolly next year? :)