Weekender Italian Buffet At Fromaggio

Monday, November 10, 2008

Php145 pesos for an all-you can eat pizza-pasta buffet! Everytime I go home, I pass by a quaint little Italian Restaurant tucked here in Las Pinas.
Fromaggio (located near Chinabank Las Pinas Manuela Branch) has been around but it was only lately that I was able to try it. I love its affordability and how their pizzas are not bloatingly oily and the at-home atmosphere. When I saw them advertise their all-you-can-eat Sunday buffet for Php145.00 --> of course I'd try it.
So this Sunday, I hurried from Makati to Las Pinas. The place was stuffed we were lucky to squeeze in a small area. Nevertheless, we were attended well and the attendants even answered our questions about the food and the ingredients (perfect if you're allergic to seafood).

The buffet table had 3 kinds of pasta, 3 kinds of sauces, and 3 kinds of pizza, but we could go back as many times as we wanted provided we don't have any leftovers.
Oh... the food...

Angel hair, fetucinne, and spaghetti for the sauces. Pomodoro, Carbonara, and Bolognese for the sauce. Pizza had tomato-garlic (which i love), pepperoni, and margherita. The buffet table didn't have much choices as you would expect, but at least they picked it right, as these are familiar ones, rather than the foreign-sounding ones that could intimidate others who are not used to adventure

I've decided to venture on pasta-fest, and just take a slice of cheese and garlic pizza.
The sauces didn't dissapoint me although I was hoping they'd heat it up a bit as it was a bit colder. I like the fact that carbonara wasn't too heavy on my stomach and the cheese and garlic pizza wasn't too bloating.

Authenticity-wise, I like the taste since it wasn't the sweet-style spaghetti (even the bolognese). The cheese-and-garlic pizza even had a surprise of basil in it, which I found interesting and it masked the richness a bit. The taste of pomodoro won me though, enough to buy me two rounds of pasta.
Will I have this? Well not every Sunday since I don't want to pack on more pounds... maybe on occasion. :) Price-wise, I love it, the bill did not reach 500 pesos and that's buffet+bottomless iced tea for two. :)


Angela23 said...

Hey Bambi!! :) Angela here again... Where exactly is Formaggio located. I live in Las PiƱas, too. Near SM Southmall and I want to bring my family there!! I was amazed by the Pizza and Pasta that they are offering based on how you described them.yum!yum! My mom loves Pizza and Pasta so I thought might as well check that place out !! :)