Lunchtime Treat at Fish and Co.

Monday, May 25, 2009

I was at the PC when my mom told us we'd be having lunch at Fish and Co. as a pre-Mommy's Day lunch to avoid the Mommy's Day crowd. This was the time that I still had my super schizo tummy but hey, good seafood comes only a few times at a time and since this is my favorite mall time - off-peak non-payday, it was a yes. So we found ourselves at the new Fish and Co. branch at Alabang Town Center with hardly any people on peak lunch hour. :)

Drinks first and I ordered bottomless strawberry iced tea.
Iced tea plus sweetened strawberry pulp and a slice of lemon made me cool down a few degrees on a hot summer day.

We ordered an appetizer of Cesar's Salad with salmon. Salmon was smoked and flaky just the way we like it. The kids enjoyed it too.

Yum Yum Yum! With fresh Parmesan cheese too.

We ordered seafood platter A and since we had a coupon, we qualified for free fish and chips but our waiter suggested we avail of the other coupon for Mussels instead and he'll have our dory at the seafood platter fried so that we could have our version of fish and chips. It was a good choice too, as there would be overload.

So the mussels came in lemon butter sauce. I think I had 4 of these. I never say no to good seafood.

The free mussels with the Seafood platter. We ordered the smallest one, which had calamari, shrimp, dory fish (fried), and also mussels. Although this was the smallest one, it was already enough to fill 3 adults and 2 children. This huge platter is good for sharing.

They also had servings of sauces but I preferred eating them with the lemon butter sauce. Aside from the seafood, this platter came with servings of fries (which I found quite spicy) and slices of lemon. When I got my serving of tiger prawns (yum yum yum and good thing they were butterflied too so all I had to do was pry the meat from the shell), I saw to my suprise that they were resting on a bed of paella rice. Since I avoided carbs, I just had a few fries, the seafood, and no rice. The kids liked the rice though, and they got to try some of the seafood.

I like the dory cooked crisp and flaky, and it didn't have the unpleasant "fishy" taste but it practically melted in my mouth. Calamari was spicy, just like the fries. Prawns were firm and service was prompt. We were attended well and we appreciated the suggestions our server gave us. We did finish the food, and so did the kids.

Fish and Co. is a good place to eat on a special occasion, due to the hefty price tag (the seafood platter costs around Php 895) but it's a good celebration place for you and your seafood-loving friends. Best to order different meals and just share, and since the servings are quite big, it's good for a big group, like 4.

Would I go back here again? Well, yes definitely, on a special occasion with good friends and a fat wallet. On weekends though, I think it's best to make reservations as I've heard that during mother's day, the line was really long.