Happy Birthday Krispy Kreme!

Friday, July 17, 2009

One monday, it was raining. As a rain-phobic like me would just stay home... nothing could keep me away from attending Krispy Kreme's 72nd birthday. My love-at-first-bite donut treat and I had to bond in this special day so I was armed to the brim - a semi-filled tummy so as not to experience sugar rush while having room to eat donuts, a loose outfit (for that same reason), rain boots, and umbrella.

Krispy Kreme welcomed us with the usual cheery atmosphere, the scent of the glaze curtain, and bottomless Krispy Kreme - eat all you want, drink all you want. Be happy... it's Krispy Kreme's birthday! And when asked what I wanted to order, I ordered my favorite... NEW YORK CHEESECAKE AND GINGER ALE!

Red balloons meaning happy Birthday Krispy Kreme at the background and my expression eating my NY Cheesecake was priceless (I got to take home one too). Certainly is a happy day. As I went around after my round 2 of Chocolate Sprinkles donuts, I saw the donut conveyor belt being hosed down with water. When I asked why, the reason for this was they already made the batch for chocolate glazed donuts and now it's time for original glazed so they had to hose down the conveyor belt to make sure everything is clean so there's no flavor mixing. :)

Krispy Kreme definitely made my day today despite the heavy rain, which started pouring once I headed out the door, original glazed donuts in tow. It's really cool how a brand like this really caught right on here in Manila, with a whole lot of stores opening in different locations. I'm still eyeing on a location here at the south though, and for Krispy Kreme to stay here for a long time.

Happy 72nd birthday KK!