Leveling Up With Greenwich's Ultimate Hawaiian Overload

Friday, January 8, 2010

Okay so it's New Year now right? Time to turn a new leaf, a new chapter, and some use this time to do major improvements, or as we call it, leveling up. For me, leveling up means doing better with my work and to outdo myself last year. Yes. I'm very competitive. :P Me like to get my drive there.

Anyhow, so Greenwich also levels up a very famous pizza.... with twice the toppings.

So ladies and gentlemen, this chic box with a very mod black and white graphic design (designed by Team Manila) holds an upgraded version of an old favorite:So are you ready to see what's inside? Oooookkaaaaaiiii.... tadatadatdadaa......

Well hello to the Greenwich Ultimate Hawaiian Overload! Just when you're bored with an everyday ham-and-pineapple pizza, Greenwich brings to you something that's not your usual pizza. No it's not.
NOOOOOOOO!!!!! Macro settings states it's not.

Here's the thing: this baby has got twice more toppings than a regular pizza. Imagine this, thin crust, (get the Thin & Crispy! Get it!) then you get your slice.... the pizza just drips with melted cheese, ham, pineapple, and bell pepper. I like it thin crust since it's not too heavy on the tummy, so I get to enjoy more slices at a photoshoot (hinting.... hinting...hinting) and not worry about post-pizza bloat. With the price too, it's definitely bang for your burp buck. The thin and crispy Double is about Php225 and the family size is Php379. Party Square is Php455. Rolled edge double is Php265 and family Php419.

While at it, we got to try the Pizza fries, which are pizza-flavored french fries:Php89 for the big size and the dip. However, if you're a fry lover, the big size, which is the sharing size, could be good for just one person.

Arpee documents the pizza fries. :D This is the cheese and garlic flavor he took a picture of.

Anyhow, by the end of the day, I'm officially a happy and stuffed Bambi Duckie.
Nothing like Brazo de Mercedes to cap a good dinner with friends. :)