Post-Christmas Food-Tripping In Greenbelt

Friday, January 1, 2010

Just last Monday, I met up with my friends again and with a planned tambay mode in Greenbelt turned out to be a hell of a foodfest that drained our wallets thin yet left our tummies full. Yet, we all had so much fun that day. At least we had more time to really talk since the last time we saw each other, we barely had an hour.

Anyway, so here's the agenda... I had a meeting at Enterprise with Nix since I purchased her malette. After that, I walked to Greenbelt 5 to meet up Ram, Jho, and Bugsy. We were deciding where to have lunch and so, we walked to Pepper Lunch. While at the line (I told them the line's really fast and this is one of the most organized restos I have ever dined in, even at peak hours), we discovered one particular boo-boo : We don't have cameras. The photographers Ram and Bugsy forgot their dSLRs. Jho didn't bring her SLR either and she forgot also to bring her trusty digicam. I didn't bring my camera since it was low-batt. We didn't want to leave this day un-documented so we relied on our camera phones. And so our first shot was lining up at Pepper Lunch:

Please note that I was wearing a belt in that picture. We got our orders soon after and since we were hungry packs of carnivores (that day at least for me), we were eating our yummy hot food.

Bugsy and I mixing up our orders. How I finished my Curry Beef Pepper Rice down to the last rice grain, I didn't know.

Bugsy's friend Arhleen followed soon and she joined us with our food trip. :) Food was really hot up to the last spoonful. Everyone finished their food and was totally satisfied. I love my Curry Beef Pepper Rice with LOTSA PEPPER! These pictures were taken by Jho, who made sure that we document our stay there.

For dessert, we headed next door to Gelatissimo, the newly-opened gelato shop. They were so nice to let us try all the flavors. Wiiiiii!!!!!! We sure went crazy doing so.

Even at kooky pictures, Jho looks amazing.

Ooooohhh look at all the gelato! The chocolate liqueur actually uses real Bailey's. When they said liquor, I wanted to try it (heeheehee). It was really good, but I wanted something to wake me up. So you all know what I got? Coffee! Coffee for a non-coffee drinker. Price for a small cup was around Php 110. The medium cup (with two flavors) costs Php 160. So Ram got a medium cup in order to get two flavors. He got the Chocolate Liqueur and Tiramisu. We hung out there for a while until Arhleen had to leave for work. Yet we remained there to clown around, especially with the red seats.
Impromptu shoot. :P The dude at the store even fixed it for us and allowed us to have pictures taken there. Yay! Thanks guys!

After hanging out at Gelatissimo, we wanted to go to another hang-out. Of course, with food involved so we went to Jho's turf... i.e. Red Mango. Jho and Bugsy had yogurts, Ram had a waffle, and I got a cup of tea to ease my stomach from all the food plus I took out some white cheddar tofu chips from Chimara for us to share to have something "healthy" this time. However, I couldn't resist but get a cup of yogurt too. Green tea with double mochi balls.

Jho had to have a picture with her on the wall :P. Even if we already finished our snacks, we were still there to chat. We left around before 5 in order for Jho to get a taxi that would take her back to Eastwood.
How do I evaluate this day? Really fun. :) I really had a marvelous time with my friends and in fact, we're already planning a new food adventure. This time, we're gonna make sure to bring our cameras.