Up Close on The Greenwich American Idol Pizza

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Every summer, we'd all be glued to the TV to witness American Idol. I love music (I play the piano and I sing) so seeing these hopefuls vie for the top position is entertaining. Their renditions of various songs are also something that I find creative. It's definitely one of my favorite shows that still makes me watch TV from time to time. And yep, it's not just me who loves AI. A lot still watch it. I was able to catch snippets though of this season, although work prevented it from me following it religiously.

Just in time for American Idol, Greenwich launched their LE American Idol Pizza, which contains American favorites like shoestring potato strips and burger bits.

The thing I like about Greenwich pizza is that they never, ever scrimp on fillings. I mean look at all that filling and that floor of melted cheese! The dough is also something. It's thicker than the usual thin crust. However, unlike the thick heavy pizzas that cause me to bloat after 1-1/2 slices, this one had my tummy in check still. I'm full but not overly stuffed.

Hmmm... maybe I know my next snack when I'm watching Idol next week.


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