My Burp-Day Lunch at CPK In Pictures

Thursday, June 17, 2010

I chose CPK as my burp-day birthday lunch treat since I've always loved CPK. It was a late lunch that day so would you believe we wolfed it down all, nothing left save for 2 slices to take home.

For starters, I chose the Asian Chicken Salad. The personal size is already good for two people, and I love the healthy combination of greens, fried wonton noodles, carrots, and grilled chicken. The sesame dressing adds zing and zest too. On its own, it makes a light and healthy lunch on a summer day. And it has no beans. You know me with legumes.

The Tomato Basil Pasta is always a classic that I love. Not too stingy and sour and I could finish a personal size in one sitting had I not had the Pizza.

And speaking of pizza, CPK Pizza is one of my favorite non-bloating pizzas. They have creative flavors like the BBQ Chicken, a family favorite. However, here's my recent discovery: have you tried the Buffalo Chicken Pizza?
I had a cold at that time yet I could still taste the spicy hot sauce. The ranch dressing you drizzle on the pizza tames down the spicy-ness. I love veggies so the carrots and celery slices add plus points to this. When I first tasted this, I thought it was a bit spicy. Yet it was addicting, so I kept ordering this. Since it's way spicy, I suggest to share this with friends or with someone who loves spicy foods. Also, constantly request for house water. This is a hot dish. Seriously. Hot but really good.

The CPK crew also was very prompt, something that an impatient person like me loves. They know how to prepare the food. The salad was crisp and the pizza and pasta were hot. I love also how family friendly this place is. They have kiddie cups and coloring sets. They even could accomodate a family of 12, like ours, in all CPK branched we've been to.

Thank you CPK for being part of my birthday and other family-friendly special occasions!


u8mypinkc00kies said...

I love the kung pao pasta, thai crunch salad, chicken BBq pizza & salad :D