Sharing Thesugarbug's BNP Picture

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Of course my lil food blog would have to be included in Blognapinoy. For those who still do not know about Blognapinoy, it's a site Mike put up that's a directory of the most influential Filipino bloggers. However, instead of the usual name of the blog, URL, and description, it showcases the pictures of the bloggers with a link to their site. There's no ranking for Blognapinoy so that everyone would be equal here.

I've been shot already for my beauty blog but I wouldn't pass up the time for my food blog not to be included in the directory. I arrived early at Mike's place, and practically shocked the living daylights out of him that I arrived way earlier than 10. I went there with skin prepped and evened out so basically all I had to do was slap on the color and contours and sculpture my hair.

So I thought of a new concept for Thesugarbug ergo it took a lag for me to shoot for my food blog. For my makeup blog, I thought of going glamorous and Hollywood-like - the big wavy hair, black dress (which coincidentally is a makeup artist must) and my makeup would be my trademark red lipand cat eye a-la screen icon. For my food blog however, I wanted it fun, quirky, cute, yet still having a touch of my love for classic.

I thought at first pink, and going Vargas girl. Obviously, I had to keep it wholesome for the site so I had to tuck away the pink corset and hot pants. So in place, I got out from my closet a cute KSP-pink dress with a bubble skirt and a bow on the back.

The logo for my blog had a ladybug with cookies around her so I thought to place both elements in my picture... a little ladybug stuffed doll and homemade baked cookies. I styled my hair thanks to a tutorial I found in YouTube for the pinup girl look and substituted hot pink lips for classic red.


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