Shrimp+Garlic+Hungarian Sausage = Greenwich Stuffs Me Again

Friday, July 30, 2010

Before I hit the sack, let me share to you what I had for dinner with the boys. For my food blog, pictures would best describe everything.

Okay, obviously I didn't devour the whole thing. If you've seen the latest commercial, that's Greenwich's newest concoction, the garlic and shrimp pizza. What I have here is the thick crust version, but as you could see below, they also have a thin crust version.
I'll choose shrimp at the drop of the hat when given a choice. Although I'm not much of a heavy pizza eater now unlike back then but shrimp is my weakness and yes, I have to have this.
I had five slices of pizza today. With that much shrimp on your pizza, who wouldn't resist? Don't you love it that they're not stingy on grilled shrimp that when you slice the pizza, shrimp just falls off the slice? Yay also to the green bell pepper slice to neutralize the rich taste of cheese, garlic, and shrimp.

For those who are carnivores by choice or due to seafood allergies, the Hungarian Sausage and Bacon Overload would be a better choice. Here's a picture of the thin crust version:

Bacon, Hungarian sausage, barbecue sauce, cheese, nuff said. Meat lovers would prefer the richer flavor on this one. This is best served with hot sauce.

Definitely burp burp burp during dinner. I find the shrimp and garlic pizza the more addicting one. I would prefer it in the thin crust variety though so I could enjoy it more as a thicker crust could fill my tummy up quicker. When I'm with my carnivorous friends, I would go for the Hungarian Sausage and Bacon pizza to share with them but I'll be having my pasta aglio olio on the side. :)


joven said...

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u8mypinkc00kies said...

i like their good ol' ham & cheese pizza when i was a kid. is it available pa?! :P