Early Morning Affordable Breakfast at Rodic's

Saturday, August 7, 2010

I had an early-bird client today at QC and since I was in the QC area anyway, decided to stop by the main campus of my alma matter. While my client and I were talking, she was like "Omigod, you're going to Rodic's!" It's still quite famous apparently for their tapsilog, a popular spot among students and faculty and apparently (in our case) UP alumni.

Rodic's is a tiny snack bar tucked in at the U.P. Shopping Center in Diliman along with the bookstores and photocopy centers. Do not expect a fancy setting like your neighborhood fastfood. It's just plastic monoblock chairs, fans for ventilation, and a little narrow staircase to the second floor. It was a morning crowd for early-bird students who needed to get some photocopies done, parents buying sandwiches for their kids (it was UPCAT time when we went there), and a few joggers.

Yes, dears Rodic's setting is canteen-style, alive and kicking since 1949. Everything's clean, of course, which I like. The simple atmosphere could just make me go there in my field work uniform of shorts, big t-shirt and tsinelas with messy pony bun and glasses.

A tapsilog meal costs only Php70.00. As soon as I placed my order, the food was ready to serve even before we took our seats.

One bandehado-full of real rice, real meat, and fried egg right in front of me. Unlike some tapsilogs where there's more litid than meat, we have soft, sweet, flaky meat just like corned beef. It was really cool mixed with the rice and it even tastes better when you mix in the vinegar and onions. I had wolfed this down in minutes down to the last rice grain and meat bit.

That's my plate after breakfast. Imagine, what I would usually spend for one meal for breakfast I get for two (drinks included, no house water here) at Rodic's. It was a busy morning for Rodic's though, considering there were students too and parents coming in as they waited for their kids taking the UPCAT, but the service was amazingly fast. The meat was sweet and soft, not something I'd have to wrestle with just to get to bite-sized pieces.

Will I go here again? If it were not so darn far I would. But yes, If ever I'm in the QC area again during this hour I'd go for Rodic's tapsilog anytime.


Simply Effortless said...

Hmmm Rodic's, I like it too! You're right I only visit it when I am in QC. Though I'm quite near the place haha. I can still remember the not so chewy beef strips with onion bits on my every spoonful. Yum-OH!

Lots of love,

u8mypinkc00kies said...

i heard nga it's good. but haven't tried it. I like tapa king and sinangag express though.

docgelo said...

wow, until now can't believe you can eat that much. too bad i'm now in penang and rodic's and all the wonderful pinoy resto will have to wait until my work break. i miss the food from pinas! =)

Bambi said...

hi justine! diba? talaga dinadayo pa yan. buti na lang I'm in the area and i'm glad i'm introduced to rodic's. I have yet to try the vegan place there in UP

@u8mypinkc00kies: super! drop by. it's not very fancy the atmosphere pero it's really good. Sinangag Ex is also good. there's one near my place. sarap their taho and iced tea.

@ doc gelo: ako pa! hahahaha. nako when you're here on work break drop by rodic's with your family. :) super yummy!