Me and My Big, Fat BoNa Muffin

Monday, August 16, 2010

It's my day off. I have no shoot or work and it's a weekend. Whoopeee! So one Saturday, I was just at BoNa Westgate after a low-salt lunch at Teriyaki Boy at South Supermart. Okay, this wasn't such a dead day since I had to go to St. James the Great to fix some papers as well. On days like these, I just like to relax.. no makeup and no glam. So out comes the big t-shirt, jeans, and flip-flops. Usually, I'm seen all girled out but nothing beats a day when I just don't want to worry or care about how I look and just enjoy a day where I'm not working instead of bawling that I have nothing to do.

I really missed BoNa, practically since I'm at Makati or QC most of the time and the only BoNa branch there is is so out-of-the-way (Westgate). Tin and I like the old one at BF where we meet before heading off to shoot since it's quieter, smaller, and easier to reach if you're not driving. Tin told me they have a new site already in the BF area still. I sure hope so.

After ginger tea, I wanted their freshly-baked pastries. The girl in the counter told me to wait for the chocolate-banana muffins which are currently being baked. Once they were done, I ordered one.They smell good. :) Freshly-baked muffins get me high and crazy.That's a big muffin. :) A big, big muffin. Took me an entire afternoon to eat it because unlike commercially-produced muffins, this one's big, heavy, and full of real ingredients. :D


Certified Foodies said...

Hi, Bambi!

Nice meeting you and Yeoh at the Max's event.
Good thing I saw a link to your food blog from your makeup blog. I just checked out your portfolio, too, and I love your style - clean and natural. :)

By the way, I posted about the event on our food blog Certified Foodies and if you want to see the list of attendees, I posted it on my personal blog:

- blankPixels of Certified Foodies -

u8mypinkc00kies said...

looks yummy ♥

iLOm said...

Muffin are really good.I'll eat it forever