Stuffing Silly on My Wedding Day

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Wedding coordinator texted me the moment I woke up to go have a heavy breakfast. Erika and I complied with feeling. We usually thought that Vivere Suites' buffet breakfast was at the lobby. Turns out it was at the sky lounge, at the 31st floor overlooking Laguna De Bay.

Breakfast al fresco on the morning of my wedding day on a chilly January morning.

Erika opted for a high-carbohydrate brekkie.

As for me, since I get hungry easily, I loaded on them proteins.

It's a definitely no-diet wedding. I know full well that this is the time where I could eat to my heart's content and so I did.

Vivere's breakfast buffet starts with the usual viands of steamed rice, fried rice, fish, meat, eggs, and even a waffle, french toast, and pancake bar with a DIY omelette mixed together by a chef for you. Just when I thought that that was the only choice they had, I saw in the inner room that they had a cereal and fruit bar plus an Asian corner where I got myself a bowl of hot and steaming ramen.

Very few cheese on my plate as I wanted yogurt and granola instead. I skipped bread since I'm more of a rice girl.

So thinking that I couldn't eat come lunchtime, guess what I wolfed down after my makeup was done?
Greenwich Pizza squares that's what!


Erika Mags said...

awesomenesssss <3

So, how's married life? hahaha HONEYMOON NAAA!