Sweet Stuff on D-Day

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

A bride should DIY a lot of things but a cake shouldn't be one of them. Nowadays, I'm glad the three-tiered cakes (one main cake and the rest fondant-covered styrofoam) have been replaced by smaller mini-cakes, which could also serve as giveaways. The first time I encountered that was in my friend Fritzie's wedding a few years back. She had Oreo cheesecake which tasted really amazing. So I thought of something like so.

The Dessert Solutions Company is one of ISnap Manila's concessionaires and Mike showed us some of their mini-cakes and his highly-recommended recipes. The cakes are priced reasonably and come in cute tub containers that look utterly amazing as well. Whether it be a birthday party, a wedding, or a sweet treat, they do not only look good but they taste good. Fritzie told me earlier that the banoffee cake even after 3 days still tasted good.
.Chocolate and Custard are a perfect marriage in this yummy bestseller, Chocolate Delight, best served cold.

Our fondant versions do not seem to mind. You could order through Isnap Manila at 7527062.

Of course, with the little cakes done, we had to do with the ca
ke being cut, that is our main cake. We met cake maker Joy San Gabriel by serendipity at a bridal fair last September. We were supposed to just meet with the flowers when we decided to go look around. While sampling at the cakes, I caught sight of Joy's iPad as she shows her trademark quirky cakes to potential clients.

Joy was definitely nice enough to answer all our questions despite clients coming and going. It was a good thing I kept her leaflet because months after, during peak season, we decided that it's Joy that would do our cake topper instead of having a generic figurine on top of a generic cake.

I shot Joy an email one night and she promptly replied. I begged if she could still accommodate a small cake and topper since our wedding date was sort of (un)fortunately on a fully-booked day. It was definitely a sigh of relief that Joy could still accommodat
e our order and agreed for a meeting.

A good thing about Joy was that she really matches and suggests things to go with the couple's personality, even documenting details which she might need, like how the couple usually looks or certain items. She prepared samples for us to try - apple cake an
d carrot cake. Although we wanted chocolate cake, Joy suggested that for fondant cakes, choices are limited since we need a dense cake to hold all the fondant. Fruitcake was definitely out of the question for me since I wanted something that I could eat instead of gag or pretend to eat. Carrot cake was our choice of cake. We told Joy our specs, and she captured everything perfectly when
we saw the cake during the reception for the first time... with TDSC's mini cakes that complement it well:

Our Marchy was captured cutely when all we showed her was a picture of it. Joy got the clothing details right, down to how a MAC lipstick should look, although not twenty times its size. I had to chuckle when she lengthened my hot pants to knee-length, when I usually wear my uniform shorts waaay shorter than that since I like to move. Maybe she didn't want my fondant self to scandalize our older guests? It was so cute I spotted several guests taking a picture of it (hey... why not us? :P)
Perhaps another recent discovery was The Bandana Baker, who was also our supplier for the souvenirs, should the mini cakes not be enough. Behind this name is my good friend from high school, Vicky, who I kept in touch all through the years. I bumped into her in a yogurt stand in Glorietta. She bought chocolate chips for an order she had to do and she stopped by yogurt at the same time I was lining up to pay. It was a good thing that I kept her number and asked her if she would like to be our wedding supplier. Turns out this was the first wedding gig ever for Vicky. I assured her to think she's supplying for a party e
xcept it's a wedding. While discussing flavors with her, I told her to keep the package nice and simple since people would be tearing the plastic anyway. A clear plastic pouch with a ribbon would do.

Mega cookies on top because we could never go wrong with chocolate and cranberry and white chocolate cookies to go with our red theme. Vicky, for the first in weddings did a terrific job. Our guests loved them and were texting me how much they loved the cookies. Some even asked for her number. Our only complaint was we didn't get to taste them.

Our sweets department's got all covered. :)