Take Care Of Hands and Home

Monday, January 24, 2011

With the dishes done, the leftovers packed, and the trash thrown out, I've got to remember that it doesn't end with a neat kitchen. You gotta take care of stuff. Since dishwashing dries out hands with harsh soap chemicals, I always should moisturize and to remind me, I placed a tube of moisturizer right there on the kitchen counter.

I always get tubes of lotion as gifts. If we have too much bottles and tubes, chuck one in the kitchen counter to keep hands moisturized after an hour of dishwashing and cleaning the kitchen counter.

The bottle next to the lotion is a bottle of liquid soap, which I use to wash my hands before handling anything in the kitchen, to avoid drying hands caused by washing hands with detergent. The one I have right now is from Ilog Maria. The liquid soap is gentle on hands and smells like green tea.

Since I live in a cute little condo unit now, the cooking odors need to neutralize so the smell of grilled steak doesn't travel to the rooms. I mean I like the smell of steak and all, but I don't like it lingering for like the rest of my stay here and mixing with the odors of other foods. Turning on the exhaust helps of course and opening some windows. Remember how our yayas at home who light a candle everytime they cook tuyo? Same principle. My lifesaver here would be room scents, either a diffuser, aromatherapy oil burner, or an aromatherapy candle like the one I have below.

I'm currently using Cranberry Joy Home from The Body Shop's Holiday collection candle which nixes out the scent of grilled meat, French toast, or anything fried without setting smoke alarms. It smells fruity and comforting too like Christmas is always near even though it has already passed. Another favorite of mine are the Alice Blue Soy Candles or lemongrass diffusers from Mia Mason that smell like spas and honey lemon drops. As of this moment, the home candle takes the spot on our little dining table. I like that the glass is heat-resistant and thick enough too. The fruity cranberry scent also lingers even after I put the candle out. Just make sure never to leave an open flame unattended and to put the candle away from curtains, sheets, or anything flammable. In fact, before leaving the house or going to bed, or just as the scent of food dissipates, put the fire out.

These are little ways of taking care of the hands and keeping the home smelling fresh and clean.