Lazy Breakfast And My Natural Tx

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

My regular routine has been wake up, check email, breakfast, and go about the day depending where I'll be thrown into. Today's breakfast I wanted something quick since I want time to do a few laps by the pool as my workout for the day but no way will I do that on an emptier tummy.

In our crowded little dinner table lies my brekkie for the day. A little serving of apple oatmeal for fiber, fried egg, grilled Italian sausage (for protein), and two slices of white bread that I'll later on spread with crumpy later. I swear, the Italian sausage I got from Rustan's is aaahhh--maaaa-zzzing. It tastes good cold even but I like to brown it up a bit too. I figured na that the secret to the egg not tasting eggy is to give it a bit of kick with some black pepper. I don't know where to buy that amazing instant apple oatmeal but it removed all trauma I had with oatmeal.

I like eating smaller portions of food since I go for variety rather than quantity. Like the 3 tablespoons of oatmeal with other stuff is much better than eating an entire big bowl alone since my tastebuds gag after having too much stuff.

My indigestion has been acting for a few days now. I thought I'd skip brewed coffee for a packet of milk tea and drink my water warm spiked with a slice of lemon. I read over the net last night that lemon's very effective for indigestion plus it's natural and if it works, I just saved myself from hauling again to the doctor who'll give me shitty priced meds.

Most of our grocery I've been getting at Rustan's supermarket. I'm so loyal to the store. People have been telling me to check out other alternatives but I like how organized Rustan's is plus it's been my homebase already for my work supplies. Plus they have the most amazing deli selections. I looove the pastrami but I haven't found a recipe for it yet.


number cruncher said...

That instant apple oatmeal is Quaker Oats :)