Another Customizable Treat

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Ever been to Crepes and Ice Cream? I've been there thrice and each time, I get to experience something different with the concoctions I make. For those who see the stall in MoA, Rockwell, Robinons Midtown, or visited it at Forbes Town Center, you get what I mean. Each time I go there, I try ordering a different DIY crepe. I prefer it that way, since I get to try out a sorta-original flavor

Here's my most recent sweet crepe combo:

Peaches with mocha ice cream, chocolate syrup, and tiramisu bits! This was an after-lunch dessert and pre-client makeup snack so I needed all the energy I could give. My combo before was mangoes with choco-peanut ice cream and hazelnut spread with caramel syrup. Mmmmm!!!!

Crepes and Ice Cream also has pre-selected flavors and combos for you to try when you're not creative. If you're not much of a sweet tooth, they also have savory crepes for a light meal. If you want just ice cream or ice cream and toppings, they serve that too.

Also, Crepes and Ice Cream also has got frequency cards. You just fill up 6 stamps and get one free.

What could be your Crepes and Ice Cream combo in your next visit?