My Face In My Two Blogs Are Like Two Sides of Pancakes

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Here's the Bambi you know as makeupbybambi:

(Photo By Stanley Ong)

(Photo By Paelo Pedrajas)

(Photo By Vince Galang)

(Photo by Shed Chua)

and this is Bambi as thesugarbug:

At BoNa Coffee In Westgate

At Heaven and Eggs (Note the Bambi T-shirt)

Attacking the jellyfish salad at North Park

Preparing to battle the Giant Crab at Diamond Hotel

and finally:

Waiting at Pepper Lunch

Food-blogging has put me in this new perspective that can be a dork and kid around and be a clown. It's really relaxing and it's a new perspective to me than just lipstick and brushes. Foodblogging gives me the opportunity to show my kulit side and just be fun. :-) And takaw too.